This week's event is.... FORTIFICATION (April 25th)


Poster by @PoseidonPQ - go drop a like on his twitter page for more posters like this

Fortification is upon us! If you’re looking for some strategies for this event, check out what the WDGeeks have put together for you:

(click image to go to site)


Also a good tool to use before the event:


Best poster in the history of posters!

And extra award for subtle parental guidance too…


This tool is awesome. I know now that I need 5,935,810 wood, 24,300 shards, 182 days of timers; I’ll end event at level 114 and have 117 days of timers left over. I recommend this tool for anyone who is half as anal-retentive as I am. A huge thank you to my favorite geeks. :metal:


Whyyyy we just did fortification!! We need feeding event.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Lego Dragons! I need them!!!
PG, please…

I’ll need a lot of speedups in this event. For Fort, and Mune (or should I pick Nosfer instead? :thinking:)

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I thought it would be feeding event

  1. Feeding events are rare
  2. Feeding events usually replace major events on major holidays (US)
  3. Fortification is every four weeks
  4. Stop starving your dragons

They started this season with feeding, pretty sure they said it would only happen once per season now :thinking:

When’s the next major holiday Red? :joy:

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I’ve read this before. Do you know when/where PG said this?

I pity your dragons, please don’t starve them. Red’s right, Feeding Event is considered a Major Event (PvP), it won’t be live in a couple of months.

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@Grumpybigbird Next June, in Indonesia? Eid Mubarak, which is more than a week…

@TLDoublelift Starve your dragon past breedable level, unless it’s your main one

May 28th - our Memorial Day

Too early then

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Actually feeding is another minor event, it just happens to take the place of a PvP slot in the calendar usually.

Major events are battle scenarios, minor events are more team building oriented

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Yeah, sorry for the wording, what I meant was exactly that, it’s considered PvP due to the slot it takes, but the Event itself is like Fortification and Breeding where it’s like a break from all the fighting.

Thanks mechengg, btw, I know it’s off topic but I just want to ask about your Base Guide now that there were significant changes?

Idk about you guys but my drags are gluttons. Almost 700k food uand a few mil exp per level. So until PG starts a a food stamp program They only eat during events

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“Gluttons”. Honestly, I don’t actually feed dragons during feeding - it’s way to difficult to get large quantities of food, so I just do my perch. Waste of food in the economy. Instead I usually feed dragons in PvP.

On topic: yay fortification, yay not feeding


Every 4 weeks hundreds of dragons are born to be starved
for 75% of them, last meal will be at breeding age