This weeks event is....FORTIFICATION

Make sure you have a plan ready (like by using Mech’s fortification Planner) and don’t over level for your dragons (personal opinion).


Damn i guess they aint telling CF members anymore lol

Thanks for the update! I was wondering if we’d hear what it was before the offical in game emails lol

Seriously? 3 minor events in a row and another fortification event so soon after the last one?

This Stinks!

So soon? It’s been 4 events. In my experience, feeding, the crap event it is, has always replaced a PVP.

And thanks Red :+1:


Any way you look at it it’s still another minor event. Some of us were hoping after the “holiday break” to get back to some action and some event that takes more than 2 brain cells. Not to mention that it’s pretty much over an hour after it starts when all the lumber is raided and gone.

Holiday break? I define a break as a lack of wars. There has been no break. If anything, since the kiddies were out of school, there’s been more wars. I’d welcome a PVP as a break…

This is usually the case around feeding event, it’s either preceded by or followed by fortifications. Those three “calmer” events are sticking together like buddies. It’s actually quite exhausting :sweat_smile:

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So more towards Fortification

Elemental Flaks - cost money, and are about to be “rebalanced”
Fire turrets - might be crap again since they are about to be “rebalanced”
Ice turrets - these rock at the moment, but already Ice resist is making a big comeback - so buyer beware.

So what are we building?

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Sitting out :rofl:

You’ve got to be kidding. Breeding, then feed, now fort. I usually hate PvP but now I’m wishing for it!


Everyone has to stop whining about events all the time and maybe appreciate not having a stressful PvP event over Christmas and New Years Eve.

And what‘s even so bad about feeding? It’s probably the easiest event there is, feels like getting prizes for free for just doing what you always do - feed your dragons (and perches) :man_shrugging:t3:


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