This week's event is.... TUG OF WAR / CAPTURE THE FLAG! (February 21st)

If you like event updates and are a twitter person, you’re welcome to follow my twitter for images such as this or the amazing @PoseidonPQ’s twitter for awesome comics with the announcements like below:


Very sad, wanted KOTH. Guess I started a post while you were doing this. I will go delete my topic.

(edit - guess I can’t delete a topic, feel free if you want to reduce clutter).

We just had fight pits, darn it! Last time we had KOTH was back at Thanksgiving :frowning:

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Really glad to see the last remaining PVP event with the bonus meter not happening.

ToW happened in January.

Long live the Mega Coin!


You forgot the /s tag.


for some reason I can’t mark things as solutions or I don’t know how? I’ve looked for the check mark that others seem to have in Safari and it doesn’t seem to show in IE, Chrome or on my Pixel if I access the forums from the game.

Red started this one, so only she can mark a solution.

On my other topic which is why I invited her to close it if she wanted. I jumped the gun

Couldn’t care less about this one. Luckily I don’t need any more sigils, I’ve got what I wanted.
PG really knows how to excite people to buy its product: using the most boring event /NOT !!!


Worst event in PG’s catalogue. Even the Pit is better than this.
Where’s KOTH to give us some variety?


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: How can I be so wrong about you? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Oh god, most hated event ever. :roll_eyes:


This event starts on my birthday, oh my god. How fitting… :roll_eyes:

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Happy Birthday to YOU!



Thank you :sweat_smile:

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Pretty sure we have one more event in this season after this one. All the info in game says March 6 or 7 is the end of the season.

Edit: nevermind, your cartoon said PVP.

Well, this sucks. Yet another “nothing matters until the last 15 minutes” event.


Yea this is ridiculous. Tug of war is the exact same event as the pits. Game mechanics the same.

Well at the very least, my team and I only have to invest 20’ a round - leaves plenty of time to do other things than waste money on PG

Then again, PG likes to recycle dragons and spells. Thinks that changing the color or name makes it a unique addtion :joy::joy::joy: They need to hire some folks to add some originality to the game

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Apparently I should have included the /bitter sarcasm/ flag. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Equivalent exchange. PG gave you the red evnelope and this event is more profitable.

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