This week's event....King of the Hill!


Starting Wednesday.


Here’s to hoping we can still have siege weapons instead of mega coins. Here’s to hoping my mouth herpes is magically healed.


Considering some folk likely had sieges stored, you’d hope pg wouldn’t steal these.


I hope mine are still there. I just hate opening chests in this event and now I have to wait. I’m praying they kept the raid button.


After 2 events (I think :thinking:) replacing the bonus meter to Mega coins, I take a photo of my remaining siege weapons and wooden barricades. I then ask CA to tell me (through HELP) how many I have. If ever they still force on continuing on Mega coins, they should replaced it. Not only the Legendary Siege, but also the Rare Siege. It’s so unfair that last time they only replace the legendary Valors but not the Rare ones.


There will be no further compensation for valor as stated in this post. I assume if they take away the siege weapons (can’t remember if they already did) then it will be the same outcome. No use worrying about it, we will just have to wait and see when the event rolls out…

Barricades should be safe because they are used to add defense and that mechanic has not changed.


If I remember correctly, last time KOH was held, the Sieges are stilll in effect plus the bonus meter. It would be bothersome if you use a MegaCoin then hit RAID.


so somebody flagged my last post as inapropriate. noy even sure how lol i never swore or called anyone specific out. did i hurt some feelers with my truth? or did pg get butt hurt over truthieness?


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