This week's event starting 10-25


Confirmed to the Creators Faction - the event will be Feeding.


Why is it that WarDragons.Info publicly confirm the next event before PG do?


The Creators Faction members get sent the info by PG ahead of time, so that they can announce it to their followers. So, there’s the .info site you posted above, Red’s twitter, and some YouTubers will make a quick video/post elsewhere about it.


That’s a shame.

I’d like the first notification (if not shown in advance in a calendar) to come from PG by an in-game mail.

PG send this mail out to us anyway. I’d like it if they sent the mail to us first.

It’s a simple thing that makes the user feel like priority number 1. Right now we are second to .info, Red’s Twitter and the youtubers.


Because Creators Faction members are informed on Mondays. Since July of last year, I’ve been sharing on my social media. Now I will be sharing on the Forums as well.


Sorry you feel that way, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I"m sure PG will consider such.

The Creators were given this privilege/honor beginning over a year ago, and take it as such, trying to deliver with good intentions early news on various topics including the next event.


So the option used to be find out from PG either Tuesday night or sometimes Wednesday. Now we find out sooner. If you’d prefer to wait, then don’t check the stuff online on mondays. Personally, I’d rather have the info now.


If you want to get the information first, put in the work and effort these Creator Faction members do in building and maintaining websites, making breeding guides, event guides, helping promote the game and offer insights on incoming changes to the game. Majority of players use those tips and guides and if they don’t they should, because without them good amount of player base would be clueless.


Where is our creators thread I can’t see it…


Hit Pixxel up to add you.


There’s an actual application at the bottom here, after you read through other info.

XD Nevermind that, haha - took it to mean that he was looking for an app.


He’s already in CF :smiley: He just needs access to our part of the forum :smiley:


I’m not saying that I want to wait until the ingame mail comes out.

I’m saying PG should send the mail once they decide and inform the Creator Faction members.


Thats one of the benefits to being in the faction. We find out early so we have time to make a poster or video to share with our followers. If we found out the same time everyone did, we would just be beating a dead horse with our announcements.


So they should just dissolve the Creators Faction, then? They all do more than just announce events, but a key driving perk is getting the event info in advance and having people find out first to help bolster PGs social medial presence and the CF members presence on social media as well. It’s a great hand in hand partnership. Personally, I don’t care who I get the info from. I like the CF sonim happy with them getting it first and disseminating it to us. And then PG officially announcing it later. It makes actually no difference.

I see your troll. Sadly, instead of a troll of enjoyment, it’s smelling like a trolling of jealousy and spite. Keep on trying. It’ll be clever one of these days…


Not everybody on the internet is a troll.

Sorry, but why/how am I jealous and spiteful?


Creators Faction gives a LOT to the whole player base, so it’s just the right things to do give them the priority on the news.
They also share all the info with us in a couple hours… so, whats your problem bro?


Anyone know what time this feeding event start?


That depends on your timezone. For me (GMT) it starts between 22:00 Wed & 01:00 Thurs.


It already started. Sometimes with Feed you have to delete and reinstall the app to see the event icon.