This weeks event...TEAM GAUNTLET

Team Gauntlet comes on Wednesday! Remember, this event uses inner fires (event equippable item) and features both PvE (computer) islands and PvP (real team) islands to conquer!


Red, are you still in creators faction?

I bet not… but you see how much better quality her announcements are then thiers


I hope they lower the hit points to win a PvP island. Last September they raised the points so high that it required a huge amount of energy to kill a PvP island. Our team just didn’t have enough energy to capture many islands, so we focused on the blackbloods islands and pretty much gave up on PvP islands.

It’s because people were complaining about them disappearing too quickly in upper leagues (minutes), but it was raised a little too high for lower leagues, where mega coin use might be a bit rarer, based on what I saw on my alt.

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Does this event use those awful wood barricades? Or will I be able to open some chests this event without hating myself after I do

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No wood barricades. Just inner fires and energy :grinning:


Wood Barricades are for King of the Hill. Team Gauntlet is the one with all those PvE islands, then a super big PvP island.

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I am not, so I make a bunch of posters for each event and post the right one based off of what the CF posts. I simply like making them and helping.


Your event announcements are gorgeous, that’s great graphic artwork, you do it for every announcement. I don’t know about others but I really like it :blush:


Hey ive made some good ones lol

Good on you :purple_heart::hugs:

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