This Will Help EVERYONE! Add A Recruiting Tab to the Team Meeting Hall and an Invite Section to Settings

This will help:

  • Normal players who don’t want to change teams from receiving invites. Especially helpful for people who get spammed with invites. Also helpful with preventing players from accidentally accepting an invite.
  • Normal players who are thinking about leaving their team or are actively looking for a new team to only get invites that they may be interested in.
  • Recruiters spend less time finding people to invite and more time playing, talking, and enjoying the game.

First I will address the Invites section in Settings.

  • Have a check box to ‘Block Invites’ and another to ‘Allow Invites’.
  • When ‘Allow Invites’ is checked, let the players fill out three more sections.
    • Leagues you are willing to move to (all invites from other leagues will be blocked)
    • Languages you can speak
    • Adult Only Team or All Ages Team

My idea for the recruiting tab:

  • Only players on other teams will show up. All team members of the recruiter who have ‘Allow Invites’ check will not appear. (This was added after the original post thanks to @talisgoldmage pointing out the need for this filter. :blush:)
  • Only those who have ‘Allow Invites’ checked will appear in this tab.
  • Only those who want to be in your current league will appear.
    • Possibly have an option to show those who want to be in the league above you for those teams who are about to move leagues? Highlighting them might be good.
  • Only those who can speak your teams preferred language will appear.
    • Possibly add an option to add other languages in case the leadership is multilingual?
  • Have a filter for level (min and max: no use wasting your time looking at high levels who won’t join your team), weekly medals, and adult only team or all ages team.

I think there may be other things that can be added to the Invites section and the filters for recruiting. Feel free to leave your ideas. Some other ideas of mine are:

  • Atmosphere (I’m not sure what options to put for this)
  • Level of intensity (barely around, casual, work hard but not intense or too serious, intense with strict rules, highly intense and serious with strict rules)
  • Cussing (ok or not ok)

Another idea is to have teams fill out the same information as well. That way these filters can be added onto the team search tab. This will allow a more direct and faster way to find a new team to join.


Addition: Please make this compatible with wood invites to save even more time.

+1 This would make recruiting more targeted and less scatter gun. As a current recruiter I’m sad that some people get spammed, I’ve been in that position myself, but rather than just implement a block invites button like proposed in another thread PG could make a positive change and make it easier for teams recruiting to target those wanting to move teams.

PS We are recruiting :star_struck:. Please see this post in recruitment

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The ‘Block Invites’ button does help you target people who want to change teams by eliminating the people who don’t want to change teams from the pool of possible recruits. It’s the same thing as checking a box that says ‘Not Looking for a New Team’.

I think this is a great idea! Easier to recruit people who actually have a chance of wanting to join your team, and also reduces the risk of accidentally pressing accept (Sometimes I just want to reply, and instead click on accept :roll_eyes:)

I’ve been on both sides: Getting bombarded by invites, and also inviting people who don’t want to switch teams. This idea seems more time efficient so the recruiters won’t have to send pointless invites.

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Hi Selima, Yes the block invites button would help but it’s a blunt instrument compared to what you are suggesting :slight_smile:

Although on further reflection could be open to misuse by leaders/officers of a players existing team as they could search for existing team members looking to jump ship and give them a hard time or kick them.
Lots of ways to solve this e.g. players names obfuscated and only revealed when they are happy to share with recruiting team but something to take into account.

What about a team history if each player that applies? Such as the last three teams they were on before joining.

Ah ok. So you are saying you like the block button used for this purpose not to just blocking unwanted invites. Although, some good sides for just the block button (for this proposal or the other thread):

  • Important emails or just emails you may want to read can be buried and thus missed if there are too many invites in your mail.
  • People have accidentally hit the accept button on invites. Either by pure accident or because they wanted to reply and the accept button is in the same place as the reply button. And since there isn’t a pop up asking, “Are you sure you want to leave your team and join (enter team name that sent the invite)?”, it makes the accident rather annoying, frustrating, inconvenient, etc.

So I didn’t propose it just to stop the invites, which are annoying by themselves, but also because they create problems for players.

Good point! Maybe they can only show players who aren’t on your team. It can be another filter. Thanks!! :smile:

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Personally, I don’t care what teams players came from. The only thing that might be helpful that is related to this is showing how many teams they have been on in the past few days (maybe a different length if there is a better one), so you can tell if they are a jumper.


I like the ideas in this thread!

I have seen players accidentally hit the join button when they didn’t intend to as well.

In addition to the initial post, I think that a time zone preference and activity preference would be great!!

I really do hope this post is seen and implemented as it would make recruiting a lot easier as well as finding a new home that suits you easier as well!!


I love this idea!! Would make it a lot easier for all officers and teams. So we can all spend more time flying our dragons and helping others.

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