Not sure they could handle tracking multiple events or even that long of one. What happens if you change teams, etc?

It doesn’t have to be a team thing just like seasonal rewards aren’t linked to teams

It’s been suggested before, in many iterations, with various variations.

If you’re relying on a feeding event to level your main dragons, you’re doing it wrong. Again, good luck :wave:

Edit - I’m not going to search for you, you can use the search function just as easily as I can…

OK, but their event structure is at the moment so I guess it’s up to how adaptable PG is.

I personally don’t understand the issues with the feeding event. I pop a protection rune or two and by using that, raiding and a few supplemental food packs I get to the 450 sigil prize usually by the second day

edit - and I still have many dragons with plenty of xp to keep feeding them.

Never starve your main dragons.


Sheesh all you high levels jumping down my throat, I don’t think you realize that at lvl 31 if every dragon I owned were lvl 1 with enough xp to expert them, I wouldn’t go past like the 275 sigil mark

I didn’t jump, I just asked a couple questions.

Things get better. Stick with it, you can feed the perch too, so you should do OK points wise.

You didn’t but @Jonesy has it out for me

Hmm, I doubt that but maybe you are going at it in a different thread?

I’m pretty sure that a season-long feeding event would absolutely destroy the food economy if people keep up the same pace as they do in the five-day long event as it is now. You’ve always got perches to feed, so more need for food to get points all season = disaster food economy. :t_rex:

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We aren’t “jumping down your throat”.

We LOVE seeing the same suggestions, over, and over, and over, really, we do.

What we would REALLY love to see is for PG to finish implementing the LAST player suggestion they decided to implement, the league restructure, before even attempting to make another massive change based on a player suggestion.

And honestly, if you are aiming past the 275 sigil mark in most events at level 31, good luck, but you won’t do it without spending an assload of cash. Events are designed as gating mechanisms, same as the rest of the game has multiple mechanisms to encourage leveling. If a level 31 could max every event, there would be 0 incentive to move up, therefore they make it extremely hard for lower levels to do more than a certain amount…just saying.

And honestly, still not sure why I’m bothering explaining all this to you as I’m fairly certain you already know everything and have no need to seek further advice here on the forums.

He followed me from other thread to this thread saying I’m dumb for not lvling my main drags despite me being able to beat lvl 45s as a lvl 31 with not maxxed for my level dragons

Oh please. Us active forum members read pretty much every new thread—at least I do. He’s just making his point here, too. :t_rex:


And you’re funny I’m E2P started this season and have gotten 275 sigils every event

Now you’re claiming I’m following you and attacking you, personally? No. How about I’m trying to be helpful.

See, this is why I could give two shits about your idea or you, honestly. I TRY to be helpful, and I’m attacking you. What a load of shit.

Edit, jokes on us, stop with the trolling already.

Yeah you only needed to comment on event idea not my choice of how I feed so bug off bud

I find this really interesting, something like the egg token bonus branch. If I get it right, players would get prizes during the whole season by feeding their dragons and nobody would keep them starving. I like it.

I’m flagging your and my bs

Yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about

(Post withdrawn by author because the author of the thread doesn’t care to listen to reason, so there’s no point.)