Thoughts about factors for chest-droprate

Relevant to the current double chest drop I thought it would be good to discuss the relevant factors that determine chest-droprate.

Selecting weak dragons in your roster to have less attack power check vs. a (chest)base’s def power to increase drop doesnt work anymore as far as I tested.

I tried that but seems like the high dragons in the den count as well, unlike before. So using ember to get a higher droprate doesnt change the drop.

Do we have any other tricks to maximize chest drop?

What I think that is factored into drop-chance most likely is:

  • own summed up dragon attack value (doesnt matter if in roster or in den)
  • (chest) base def power
  • level of both bases maybe

Id love to collect some thoughts on current mechanics and ways to maximize chest drop, since the other threads are mostly about the outdated mechanics.

What I also would like to put out there as confirmed facts (I did test it thoroughly) is that invader bases give a lot less chests than a player base that has a much higher def power than your attack power. (In my tests invader bases give 2/3 of a high player base.)

This videos is very handy and already explains the different ways to farm chests, but its not about maximizing the droprate.

Lets brainstorm :smiley:

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15% Chest drop rate per monument is the max. It seems to drop down fast if you hit weak bases or use weak dragons on weak bases.

There are 7 monuments although the “twins” can drop one each so that is 8.

So you should get more than 1 per run on average if you are hitting the correct base power.

While Atlas bases (beasts / mine) at your level have a full compliment of monuments they seem to be a fair way off the 15% max per monument since you can go 2-4 runs empty handed. Maybe 7.5%?

I assume bases that come up as “challenging” on the normal attack user interface meet the criteria or are close to it?

Sorry no hard facts here just gut feel observations.

@Morreion probably has some hard data :smiley:

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Yeah good points, thanks for sharing!

I forgot the exact % per monument, but its something around 15% as you said. A few months ago when I did many chest runs I found to get 1.5chests/base if it was a very high def player base, though.

Invaders give less chests because a) its def power is a lot lower than possible high player bases and b) if its a factor (not certain) - the lvl which is the same as your own.

I don’t really know how the chest drop rates work, sorry. @OrcaFrost might know more, as the resident chest specialist.

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My friend change his base to chest base. He in Xfarmlose team. His in game name is ChestBase4All i believe. Please test it out and see if how his drop rate.

I believe there’s specific level threshold, in which items won’t drop (relative to lead’s level).

It’s more like a randomized deck of 80k+ entry (similar to breeding one), in which

  • 65k is nothing
  • 15k is bronze
  • 30 is gold,
  • occasional 1,107 silver
  • 9 mixed stuff

That would explain why silver chests dont drop from time to time. :open_mouth:

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Is there any PG staff that we can ask for clarity? @PGGalileo perhaps?

I normally see a better drop rate on invader bases then i have since they “doubled” the drop rate. In the past when they did double drop rate they increased the % not showing 2 chests at 1 time. Could this be part of why there seems to be fewer drops?

If I understand you correctly you got more chest drops from invader before they doubled the drop amount itself?

Id bet they only added the factor “2” to the drop, and didnt touch the dropchance% at all.

12h is by no means enough time to say the dropchance is less. From my farming so far the dropchance looks the same, only amount doubled.


Yes drop rate is always the same! “about 13%-14% per monument “
Depends on event running!
Pg only doubled chest count.
Yes there is a few ways to improve drop and I’ve spent the last 5 yrs testing it to eliminate variables.
The art of profitable flight! :nerd_face:

Contact me in game I’ll be happy to share what I have learned
from thousands of controlled test runs!
Drops articulated using a few factors!

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i hit jl and got 8 drops just saying i think level and defense play a major factor

Why not share it here?? I don’t get the secrecy attitude…

This thread is already regarding to that concern and yet we need to contact you in-game to inherit the grandiose recipe.


Now this is hyperbole. If you mean 8 chests, I believe you. But 8 of 8 drops. Every single monument drop chests. That’s major rare.

Can you share the replay here?

didnt make replay there but just started to make some replays for folks to see! its weird yes but i feel the drops not changed i am also hitting max bases so i think that has something to do with it

I know that. But 8 out of 8 drops are pretty rare. I never had one in my 4 years playing.

I’ve posted this in the past to have to re test everything once it’s changed sorry I’ve learned not to post drop info to forum

Im happy to do high-numbered test runs if youd be willing to share.

Is this your in game name ?

Contact me I’ll chat it’s simple yet quite a bit to
Cover and if covered here it may change :crazy_face: