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So we all know that there a quite a bit of problems with the game right and quite a bit of people are unhappy to say the least. Many of us, and I mean many, are unhappy that you took away feeding. It got taken away without even really asking the community what it wanted or needed. Would it had been that hard to send out an email with a simple…check yes or no, like George Strait sang about in 1996 ?
There are glitches in the game from defensive numbers not being accurate, not getting payouts, buildings not being built, base boost not working etc…hell it took me 20 minutes to purchase atlas elite. The game is struggling right now and we all feel it as players and I’m quite sure you do as well.
That being said…I’m deciding to throw my 2 cents in a way where I know it gets seen, not lost in a myriad of other comments which people are absolutely able to express and hopefully you (pg) won’t delete after a certain number of hours due to inactivity, thus giving more people to respond and add to…
I’m a lowly little 280 level player that buys elite in both the original game and atlas. I buy packs when I need them, which is generally at the start of each season maybe 200 dollars worth sometimes 300 and then at the end to pick up the sigil slack, so that could be 200-300. I don’t consider myself a huge spender, but that’s a lot for me being a single father with a 3 year old (awww tears flowing…shut up :joy:). It’s taken me 2 years, almost 3 to get where I am at and I’ve gone at a snails pace. Hell, I even have an alt sitting in Gold that’s probably been deleted by now due to inactivity. I love this game, it’s fun and it’s addictive, as I’m sure many other players feel the same way.
PG has a business to run, I get it. I’ve owned my own business before as a Bail Bondsman…I had a blast and made a lot of money. There are a couple of thoughts I’d like to share about my learnings when I ran my own business…

  1. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, despite what the competitors do. Customers will always stick with what works and what they know, more than they will with the stuff they don’t know, unless money isn’t an option.
  2. Never make a decision without getting the full thoughts of your customers. Because they are the ones that provide the 95.3M dollar a year revenue which breaks down into 397.2K per estimated 240 employee. And if it’s a split decision…go with the popular vote and explain it to the customers with evidence.
  3. KISS…keep it simple stupid. This is a life rule and a business rule. IT work is hard, I know, I’ve seen it first hand. My best friend is an application manager for a major pharmaceutical company in NC. That man has his notebook computer with him all the time and even when he’s home…he’s working. Seeing him cuss and struggle the way I do, makes me appreciate what goes into game apps…however, I asked him one time, what’s the one things he’s learned all these years in his job…keep programming as simple and as stupid as you can without sacrificing the security of your customers.
  4. Customer is always correct not the bottom line. Don’t let the customer walk all over you but don’t rob the customer either. Do that, then sit back and watch the numbers climb faster then ever before.
  5. If you F up, own it, then pay it back big to your customers 100 fold. Not in a way that is expedient or necessary but that makes them feel not like a customer but a person and that they are truly appreciated. Because customer comes first not the bottom line.
  6. BRING BACK POG !!! It’s the little things that mean the most to customers. There are tons of players in the game who do not have access to him and would love to have access to him. I lost interest in all the other avatars and quite simply want him. 95% of the time I use the original ones. I’d love to have access to the really nice ones like the moderator one or some the atlas seasonal winner ones but I’m not on those teams…so bring back POG with the press of a key and the string of code.

This was long and winded I know, but I love this game, I want to succeed in it, want it to succeed and being that I tangibly pay into, not as much as others…I feel that in doing so gives me the ability to say piece. Have a good day



Long post only to hear that PGs license to use POG expired so it’s not coming back eh?


Alts are NOT deleted due to inactivity. At one point I had a second alt in addition to my primary alt (I don’t really play my primary alt anymore, I just use it to help with defensive team quests for my main account.) I think it had been something like 200 days or more since I had last logged into my level 10 or so abandoned secondary alt and I was able to access it just fine :woman_shrugging:


@mechengg you beat me because I was looking for a quote on this.

Seriously, @EasyCo, why this wall of text for exhuming a mummified topic? Use search in the future please.

About the other thoughts: nice collection.


I have in the past, I just wanted to do something different. My intent was not to upset the status quo

I for one am glad Pg doesn’t just poll the whole playerbase. If there is anything I’ve learned over the past 4 years it’s that this playerbase has a lot, and I mean a lot of ill-informed players that haven’t the faintest idea what game balance should look like. Hell, the sheer number of people asking for a universal evolution stone is proof enough of that.

Does Pg do an amazing job? Not in the slightest. However, the playerbase as a mass would make it worse.


Rainbow unicorns with four white spells with one being Kelvin’s hacked Spell Flux :roll_eyes:



Never thought of it from that perspective.

A few thoughts in return:

  1. "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."
    Well, that seems harder than normal with this game, probably due in great part to the way it was first designed. With everything so interconnected, even seemingly unrelated aspects of the game tend to suffer when changes are made. So if they make changes, there are gonna be problems, and if they don’t make changes, people will be unhappy. I’m not saying I’m in favor of the new UI, or the problems it’s causing, but the concept doesn’t really work in an environment that is highly interconnected, and intended to be constantly changed and updated.

  2. "Never make a decision without getting the full thoughts of your customers."
    Red hit this one on the head. It’s sort of the classic “democracy” problem - most people wouldn’t know what’s best if you spent a week trying to explain it to them. And so they tend to go with whatever sounds good, without an awareness of the associated problems. Rainbow evolution stone requests are one of the more common manifestations of this in WD - tons of people love the idea, even though it’s actually a really bad one. If it was purely up to player opinions, they’d exist.

    Hell, one of the bigger jokes with PG’s list of planned fixes is that they were going to try to fix Ryuu, because lots of players complained about him. Despite the fact that fixing him has A) Been shown to be impractical, due to how much of the code it could break, and B) Never been a particularly important game issue for anyone who’d been playing for more than a week.

  3. "KISS principle."
    So here we have the issue of a game that PG didn’t make, that has been subject to many different developers over an extended period. Worse, the developers are only familiar with their small areas of concern, despite the fact that the game was written as an interconnected mess of spaghetti code. So keeping it simple here is difficult at best, and that’s without getting into the security concerns - both in terms of their personal/financial data, and in terms of hacking/cheating/etc.

  4. "The customer is always right."
    This is…almost never true. The customer’s interests should always be considered, in great part due to the fact that happy customers are more likely to spend money, but as with the “Do what the customers ask you to” part, most customers don’t know best. There has to be a balance between PG’s interests, the customer’s interests, and, frankly, things that will make no one happy, but will buy time to help serve the interests of both groups.

  5. "If you F up, own it, and pay back 100-fold."
    Well. PG F’s up on a regular basis. They are not unaware of this fact, or shy about admitting it when it happens. They are not, however, realistically able to pay it back 100-fold. I know people go on about how it’s just pixels, and costs them nothing, but if they handed out massive apology gifts every time someone ran into a bug, no one would ever have a reason to spend money on the game.

    Yes, we roll our eyes when they offer 12 three-minute timers and a bronze chest as their apology gift, but how much can they afford to offer? And how often?

    Similarly, the scale is a problem. And, as many people have pointed out over the years, not everybody loses the same amount due to a given issue. When Atlas goes down, for example, people miss out on differing amounts of glory, crafting materials, troops, gold, egg tokens, etc. And even if you could calculate the individual losses due to infrastructure and the like, it’s impossible to do the rest.

    Was that a day I’d be online and active for 18 straight hours, so I’d be missing out on massive amounts of stuff? Or was that a day when I’d just have logged in, collected my goodies, done my wars, and logged out? Would I have found an offline sieger with 100k troops in NML, or would I have gotten wiped by someone 200 levels higher every time I tried to attack?

  6. "Bring back POG"
    Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, this isn’t an option. But there’s room for new avatars, and PG has been better than usual lately about offering both a wide selection, and player input into the ones available.


Thank you for your thoughts, I really enjoyed reading your perspective. I’m still a newbie in many ways to this and have a lot to learn. That being said, it’s the only way we all can learn.


George Strait sang about taking away the feed event?


And won a grammy


Then take the want into something that CAN work. Ideas and community input is like clay, take it and mold it into something useful.

That’s why the mass ain’t in charge.

It’s much better to take the clay and mold it then just throw it out, actually more like back at them. Then at least they know they mean something and aren’t just slaves of the system.

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Moved text to the official discussion thread for feeding going away.

So if someone drops a nice, slimy, mud monkey in your cake batter, do you still use it or do you dispose of it?

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POG is special… I don’t want to share my best purple dragon friend

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Also feeding didn’t go away with no thought on the subject. There have been MANY threads on the forums asking for it to be pulled from rotation.

If you didn’t want feeding to go you need to voice ur opinion against those who are calling for it’s removal and defend your view, not just call for it’s return after the fact.

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Pog for president🙈


I was excited feeding event went away it was a pain as you get in higher levels trying to starve any dragon till that event rolled around. Even more so with the new Event The Guardians. Everyone raised their lower tiers to expert for The Guardian event to get those portraits so with that in mind how in the world do you think anyone in higher levels have dragons to feed for the Feeding event :thinking: You should be happy as well now you won’t have food setting around not being used just to wait 3 to 4 weeks to finally feed your dragon. What a dumb complaint amazing the things people complain about. By the way if you had read past comments you would have realized pg got rid of it because people complained about its existence.

The Pog Community is secret…