Thoughts on Atlas Elite subscription


We’ve actually got some fighting going on about it, maybe Jared is right too much free stuff is bad? :thinking:

It’s over our bank not having capacity to store all the gold folks are getting. Can’t seem to get across that even if we don’t use any for upgrades, which would be stupid, the most we can store is the max capacity / 50 players

Always drama in this game, no matter the league


Seriously, use this week to max all infrastructure. Tell people to go suck a dick if they want to store gold for personal uses. This is THE time to get better bonuses and work together as a team to get it done.


I agree but thankfully I am not an officer on this team. Apparently I have become a diplomat. Might need a better name for that like FLAKnPeaceMaker





Yep. We are low balling for 1.1b gold before elite expires :sweat_smile:





If only the timers would rain from the heavens like this for a week.

I’d take that demo too. :grinning:


Or even 10/month


Yup i’ll be donating at least 80M gold this week for upgrades, best way to spend gold is to put it into the team. :slight_smile:


5.00 for WD elite
Mega Coins
Weekly Atlas packs in store for “Pay To Win”
5.00 Per week Atlas elite “OverPriced”

What’s next 5.00 per week just to be able to Login to play regular War Dragons?

Funny how it’s called “Elite” for a game we all have to put up with full of glitchs.


If they “fix” the so called xp tower scaling will compensation be given to those who spent a lot of to go up levels past 333? PG needs to be careful and not devalue the high level accounts. And Atlas Elite is very nice but what about compensation to those players who spent a lot of to level primarchs, get third Primarch, and build troops with diamonds prior to the current gold bonanza and are now seeing people get those things pretty much for free?


If they scale xp the way they should (not optimistic) then shouldn’t higher level players also see a benefit from it? Like scaling token costs for past dragon tiers, wouldn’t higher level players want to see this improved for the overall longevity of the game?

I lost a lot of food and lumber back when transfer rates were capped, should I be compensated for all the rss I lost that players don’t lose now?


80m? Show off


Thanks @PGDave, I can see the increase shard content in this event’s prizing.


And then you find out that they make changes to infra so gold isn’t required anymore… /s (or am I?)


I’ve been on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to read through the forum in a while. I’ve been curious what everyone else has been thinking about the new Atlas Elite. I have been really torn. When it first came out I was pretty excited. I have been waiting for PG to offer something that is actually worth spending on. Something that would give me some value for my money. This actually does that.

Of course, it pisses me off that they artificially created/exacerbated the scarcity of gold while simultaneously setting the gold prices for the new prims into the stratosphere so that it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to obtain them without this new subscription. But that is typical strategy from a company like this.

What really has me upset, frankly, is the fact that they didn’t match the rate of gold increase to the rate of troop creation- or at least make it closer. 5X versus 2X is way too far apart. Those who have heard me whining on here (and anyone else facing the speed-up shortages that will hit you around the level 250-300 point) will understand that speed ups are the biggest pain point for me right now. I’m not going to be able to breed or level my divines for several months because of a lack of speed ups. Forgive me, but I am NOT HAPPY about PAYING for something that requires me to use MORE SPEED-UPS just to get the full benefit of it. I can’t believe you would do that given all the strings out there about the scaling problems and shortages of speed-ups?!? It doesn’t have to equal 5x = 5x. 5x = 4x would be fine even though that is a worse that what we have in the regular non-Elite. I can use the extra to contribute to infrastructure for the team, etc… But 5x and 2x?!? smh
As it is, I may purchase Elite for prim leveling events here and there, but you could have had me for a regular customer.

Offering a yearly subscription would also be a smart move given the way people are dropping like flies. Would be smart to take their money now before they decide to quit. lol Many people will take it for the discount without considering the future. Heck, I just re-extended my regular Elite and I’m already regretting it. :joy:
At this point it would take increasing the shard payout from poachers and mines and decreasing the troop building time further for me to consider locking Atlas Elite in to a year.

Bottom line, well done trying to offer something with value. Please go back to the drawing board and make it something that doesn’t ADD to the scaling problem (which makes my head want to explode) and you will have a really happy customer. :smile:


I have to say very smart move on PG’s part giving the new Platinum teams 7 days of Elite right out of the tutorial. Kind of like a drug dealer handing out free samples of heroin. After 7 days of being able to attack 1 or 2 times and start building a full set of troops, reverting to non-Elite will cause severe withdrawal symptoms, which can be fixed for the low, low price of only $4.99 (plus sales tax where applicable).
Excellent marketing strategy there…:clap:


I find all the comparisons of atlas elite to drugs interesting for two reasons. I think the first is that no one ever made this comparison (in all the time I have played) to regular elite. Second, it’s pretty fitting.

I cannot imagine starting atlas for the first time and having this bonus (so it’s my normal) and then having it taken away… But for only 5 bucks, I can have “normal” again.

I’ve spent over a year in atlas treating troops and gold like my grandmother’s china. Now I have a week to think, only… This is both amazing and interruptive (logging on every hour is a real PITA).

But I’ll be able to go back to normal without withdrawal.


I’m new to Atlas and I don’t like it either. It felt like cheating to unlock two Primarchs and open my second slot in the matter of a few hours.


But it’s the fun kind of cheating :laughing:

Edit: this statement in no way condones cheating as an actual behavior. Play the game without modifying it people! Either spend time, spend money, or spend both if you want to succeed.