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Got a question for y’all. At level 71 following Red’s best path. Hitting builder hut for 8 gold eggs soon but have only 3 from cons and whale path. I know hut is upgraded at level 73 and 74 stay at 73 to get extra 5 eggs? Or move on leaving hut until later?
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What do you mean stay at 73 for extra 5 eggs? Anyway, I did that upgrade at level 80, so just doing your upgrades shouldn’t be an issue?


To keep the hut maxed for your level


At level 73, you only need level 19-20 builder hut to max your buildings. Keeping your storage hut maxed would be a more relevant concern.


Ok thanks for replying


Unless you wanted lv 29 farms and mills (production boost and/or preventing 5 flames up to certain degree), it’s okay to hold back a bit.

At lv 84, when you start getting plat eggs, you will get more gold eggs.


Ok wasn’t sure on that been following guide to the T. So at lvl 84 I’ll get all gold eggs needed for hut?


I keep storage hut maxed at all times


My thoughts on base building approach would be:

  • Make sure your kill isle has max towers available for your level. To do so,
  • Look ahead and see where the builder hut caps are. For example, for me personally, next builders hut cap is for level 53 flaks with a hut requirement of level 31 - which requires Emerald eggs.
  • Next question is what is the level I need to be when I start building my level 31 hut. The answer to that would be the answer to the question “what is the minimum level required for a level 52 flak”. The answer to that is level 214.
  • Therefore, for me, I need to make sure I BREED EXTRA EMERALD EGGS by the time I’m level 214 in order to unlock my level 31 hut.
  • The key here is not to get everything as early as possible - this is a balanced approach (or as I like to call it a Just In Time approach (channeling Kaizen here) so you don’t do unnecessary things such as lots and lots of xp runs at lower levels when you don’t have to).

So, you need to check your own situation and plan accordingly.


I see that’s my problem everything is den capped to lvl 77. Kill island is maxed at lvl 25 towers until lvl 73 for storage upgrade. I think I under leveled trying not to over level myself. Guess it’s time to starting leveling up




Checked Red’s guide…

Either Cons + Ferrox or Whale Basileus gives 11-12 gold eggs (32k, assuming no frag is used)


Ok thanks


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