Thoughts on Kingdoms event


First off, although off topic, I wanted to appreciate the talents of our resident Furry Woodland Creature Whisperer. As a motorcyclist, many a squirrel has darted in front of me and done a double take. Once, one attempted a triple take. It did not end well for him. A moment of silence for the over achiever…

Ok, on to just a couple notes about the new event.

I like what I saw in the videos. It sounds like an interesting event. I look forward to playing it. The strategies that will come into play could be interesting.

While I can appreciate simplifying the map colors, I’d like it to be easy to tell what areas belong to what team. Perhaps I don’t want to attack some teams or I REALLY want to attack a particular team(s). How about 24 random team colors that look nothing like your green lands? It’s a thought.

Thanks for the preview and I look forward to playing it in a week or so. And hopefully not sucking at it. :smiley:

The only strategy that will come into play will be,which team uses the most megacoins.



I prefer 12h energy cost reset time, speaking from a mostly elite to play perspective…

However I do understand that PG wants the money lol

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I didn’t notice any mention of megacoins and I’m praying they are not part of the event, but knowing PG, they probably will be, which will ruin what could be a good event.


I’m waiting on the event to actually go live to try and develop a strategy for it. No comment until then.


It sounded like an interesting, though very time demanding event up until they said it would have mega coins. That pretty much killed it for me. Im getting the feeling that things like monuments wont be about which team puts in the most work and comes up with a good strategy but instead will be about who can spam more mega coins to take it.

Im also concerned that a team that gets their territory severed by another team may not be able to play any longer if the other team has many members who are much higher levels and/or who just drop a mega coin every time your team tries to reconnect their territory and thus your team continues to lose territory with every failed attempt. Seems like you might wake up in the morning to find your territory in shambles and then your team has to spend its time trying to patch up the holes.

We’ll see how it is once it has gone live but I feel like mega coins will have an extremely negative impact on this event.

PGSqurl confirmed several times that super and mega attacks would be part of this event along with energy packs and inner fires

I guess I missed that. I listen to this stuff at work and well, sometimes I actually have to do work…

I’m not against supers, but megacoins are the worst thing PG has ever added to the game. All this talk of balancing and they are the most unbalancing thing in the entire game.

Megacoins=$$$$,and that is all PG cares about,and things will not change until enough players lesve,and PG goes into we care so much mode. I’ve played countless online games where the greed of devs killed the game. Some listened to their players,and are still going strong.


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