Thoughts on The Veteran Rider and Final Two Springveil Dragons and their portraits?

What are your thoughts on the veteran rider and the final two springveil dragons and their portraits??

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Oops, forgot to crop the pictures! :crazy_face:

I won’t have much of an opinion until I see the exact percentages and rage costs next week. They don’t look terrible though.

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Hunter sounds like it could be really good. I don’t know how the sorcerer will survive without a white spell or OP summon to deal with mage towers, looks like a flop to me (but I am no expert).

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Seems like a standard kill island (blueM, redM, storm, dark, iceT, or something of the like) is gonna take it right down. Hunter does look good. I’m curious about that Entrap spell and how the other spells work.

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It seems like Solar Strike should be white. It only does a lot of damage to one tower. Could make the the sorc viable.

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Sorcerer won’t be a lead that’s for sure, but I guess it could be a good following dragon after mages are killed or sanded. I really don’t have much experience with sorcerer’s though.

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I’m generally a “white spells are boring and remove strategy” kind of person, but yeah, I think I agree. Would like to know more specifics about SS, like if it’s more akin to Death Gaze or Spell Flux or whatever.

Definitely. I’m not one of those players obsessed with white spells, but I got tons of mileage out of Anuba by shooting dessicating sand at a red mage towers and following up with tectonic tomb. The way that Samhrad’s spells are set up now, he won’t even have a chance to fire off Summer’s Purification or Northern Lights.

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What I don’t understand is the element that was picked for the Veteran rider. I would have thought they would have at least matched the element to one of the prerequisite dragons.

Edit: I get it’s meant to match with Corthanak’s element, but one of the prerequisites should have also been fire. Getting both Corthanak and the Veteran rider is kind of a tall order.

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I thought Terris would be Earth-element… Terris, terra, terrain, earth… :thinking:


I really hope that Entrap is permanent not durational


The hunter’s hard to evaluate because all his spells are new, but the description made him sound like a combination of Necryx and Avyx. His nonpermanent disable means that he probably won’t be better than Necryx as a lead, but everything else depends on costs. I’m most curious about why they gave him a cloak variant rather than cloak.


I don’t think the Hunter is any good. It’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that. This means it’ll be average at everything.

Need more details including rage costs to know all that. I get what you’re saying though.

They gave the name and the element of the rider.
Why not wait one more day until we know what it can actually do?
How do you expect a serious evaluation if we know nothing about it yet?

Those impatient threads are really a waste of everyone‘s time :man_facepalming:t3:

Lol not just one day. We need to wait until someone lvls it up, tests all runes etc. :joy::joy: After experience with Aibrean I will not decide based on marketing information from PG. Anyway no discount no rush. Sorcerer not impressed. Hunter we will see, but not happy about new cloak if it will be almost the same. I have many runes with cloak which I could potentially use. Curious how the runes from branch will work.

Replace solar strike with spell flux and itll be a sorcerer worth getting.

With the hunter I´m having huge doubts… depends a lot on that autumn spell (which Looks pretty useless on a hunter - low on health, no healing and then a heal sacrifice spell?) or how the other two spell can complensate that.


The Autumn spell does heal I thought

The major question mark comes from entrap spell limitation of duration similar like cooldown of flash in Aibrean.