Thoughts on The Veteran Rider and Final Two Springveil Dragons and their portraits?


I’m disappointed they aren’t offering many discounts. I hope they change their minds. Makes me want to hold all my sigils.


After the up-roar last season when they “changed their minds” I doubt it would happen again. I wish they would have put the tree lady portrait with the hunter. I love it. I feel like so far the last 3 hunters, Avyx, Aibean and this new one are pretty much the same, I really hope this isn’t the only thing the new employees at PG have to offer. I would have really like to see some innovation and new spells. Not remakes of old ones and slapping a new name on it. This season does not seem like a total waste, like last season. It is a step in the right direction but not quite there yet.


I still have hopes for sorcerer, maybe its not that bad, at least for following dragon. I am lacking a divine sorcerer and Corthanak is way above my p2w preferences…


Maybe if there is bad setup, but with both mages standing he will have problem. He seams like Renard to me. Definitely not for wars as finisher ok…


With now way to clear mages, he’d definitely be a wing if the lead can clear/sand mages. Looks like an improved AA to me :eyes:


The Hunter:

  • Vanish might be a 0 rage cloak (leaked info got from Odin’s video
  • If entrap is NOT a permanent spell but has a good duration (not long enough to go through the base and stay for backer but long enough for this dragon to fly past it), Fomhar looks like a good solo dragon in wars.
  • Depending on the dmg, HP, and rage being boosted by Autumn’s Reap, this dragon might be amazing or meh.
  • If Entrap’s range is equal to enfeeble or Vine’s range, this dragon will be good.
  • If Entrap is permanent this dragon is an OP setup dragon defended/undefended with the right flying tactics.

The sorcerer:

  • If Solar Strike is a 100% one shot kill spell (Umbral Spike), this dragon has a lot of potential as a follow for people attacking bases a lot higher in lvl and will the perfect dragon to help xp runs on Andyk123.

  • If Solar Strike is not a guarenteed one shot kill like tidal surge, this dragon isn’t a great follow (unless high lvl so can one shot maxed towers)

  • If Solar Strike is 2 rage…not good

  • If Solar Strike has a cool down over 1s…not good

  • I’m interested to see if Summer Purification is going to be 2 or 3 rage and how much health regenerates.


My Predictions


  • Vanish - 0 Rage - Blue - 5 seconds

Takes away 10% of max dragon HP in exchange for cloaking dragon.

  • Entrap - 1 Rage - White - 20 seconds

Locks up to 3 towers (enfeeble range). Targeted towers cannot attack and mage spell blocking effects will be canceled for the duration.

  • Autumn’s Reap - 1 Rage - Blue - 4 seconds

Increased damage by 100% and increased rage generation by 50% during the duration. For every tower destroyed during duration, regain 25% health back.

  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive

70% less damage from Ice Towers


  • Summer’s Purification - 2 Rage - Red

Inflict high damage in affected area. Same range as Fireball.

  • Solar Strike - 1 Rage - Red

Destroys towers within range regardless of health. Range equal to Death gaze.

Northern Lights - Dark - 2 Rage - Blue

Provides invincibility and upon the end of duration, rage marks will be applied to nearby towers.

Fire Turret Resist - Passive

Take 70% less damage from Fire Turrets


They already said that it’s durational, unfortunately. :frowning:


Well didn’t it have to be? Otherwise it would be Vine or Sand…


Bit of a meh dragon if u ask me. Average at everything.


That soubds like a shitty version of Cloak.

And Autum‘s Reap would be pretty OP with that amount of healing plus dmg/rage for only 1 rage cost.

But let‘s see what they give us.


Vanish could be comparable to the utility of the normal cloak only if it’s cool down is not significantly impaired. Cloak is very versatile partially because it has not that long of a cool down. Since timing is very important for flying hunter and cool down affect timing, it is very important to not give us a free spell that’s useless because of the cool down.


What time usually blog posts go live?


Normally 10 a.m. creations faction would announce then we get confirmation from PG in the afternoon.


10 am which time zone?


Well the new veteran rider is garbage compared to the Atlas riders so i wouldn’t recommend going for him at all. Garage.

80%/80% (maxed, safe to assume at least half of that)


my timezone est. so like now @ShadowsOfBirds have you gotten the details on spells?


It’s actually 11am est, bc that makes it 8am pst, California’s normal business hours.


I’m not sure if them being open has anything to do with Creator’s Faction announcing spell kit stats but we will wait


Echo made a promise about “not leaving seasonal players behind” when first discussing Atlas gear buffs. This was after I made the case that buffing only Atlas riders will devalue already purchased season riders and that both should be buffed equivalently (if at all). Will make a thread with quotes in a bit.