Thread closed. Team found

Language: English
Time Zone:GMT
Played time. 1year+
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:snowdrop. Garland getting through sapphire wall

About:looking for a loyal team of active players

BackDownNever is a Platinum 1 team, no Atlas yet, looking for an active team player to join our band of Merry Men (and Women). We would love to hear from you. Contact InvictusII in game or one of the officers. We have an alt that we can remove to make room.

Did you find a team yet?

If not check out: LFM - S3 (Atlas) - ColdBrewCrew looking for active teamplayers (garnet+ & above)

We are plat 1, very close to Sapphire 3 but aren’t looking to move up. Atlas for majority of plat 1 will be released towards the end of March so we are looking to get access. We would love to have you!

Hey, plat. 1 rn (had to kick ppl for not.doing war runs)will be heading to sapphire 3 in the best week (maybe 2 depends on recruitment)
Very organized war waves and xp run backing and Sharing of rss…
EndofDaysPlay is the team… Will always say full but apply anyway and we will easily switch u out​:metal::purple_heart::metal::purple_heart:

Thanks for the post. Have found a team but will keep you in mind if it does not work on. Thanks though for posting.

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What did you say? You deleted…

Hi. I said thank you but I have found a team but will defiantly keep you in mind in the future if it dies not work out.

Thanks though for taking the time. Much appreciated.