Three Empyrean Tier Mythics Fly Into View


The ultimate power awaits.


The Mythic Empyrean Dragons arrive in War Dragons this week! Prepare yourself for a whole new level of power from the new Mythic Hunter, Sorcerer, and Warrior. Take flight with Archon, Lusian, and Seraph as they command the skies!


Join the Dragons Community team as they fly the new Empyrean Dragons live on stream this week! Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (5/22) and Facebook Live this Thursday (5/23) at 2pm PT.


Please Note: While the Mythic Empyrean Dragons will be releasing alongside the Temple Raid event, you can breed them for points in the Breeding event that begins on May 29th.



All Empyrean Dragons hail from the various regions in Atlas, similar to the previous Vanguard and Harbinger Tiers before them. These three Mythic Dragons have been discovered in the Spinal Peaks, though one holds a much darker secret than the others. Each Dragon is prepared to use any means necessary to defend their territory, no matter what the cost.





Sunrise Watcher

Scans the Spinal Peaks for corruption, taking flight with each sunrise.


One of the oldest dragons of the Spinal Peaks, Archon has safeguarded the region for centuries. As Atlas’ brilliant sun rises each day, Archon begins their watch. From Sun-up to Sun-down, Archon patrols the various mountain ranges, scanning the horizon for any potential threats to the Dragon’s Celestial companions. Should Archon spot any trouble, they can use their wings and solar-channeling instruments to alert a nearby watchtower and mobilize a defense.


Mythic Earth Warrior


Breeding Pair: Capulos and Modrian


  • Adaptive Breath - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Activate to cycle between three breath modifiers. Spell has a 2 second cooldown between cycles.

    • Frost Breath - Active | White | 0 Rage
      • Dragon’s breath attack freezes towers for 2 seconds after cycling and deals 50% increased damage. Spell has a 4.5 second duration.
    • Immolating Breath - Active | White | 0 Rage
      • Dragon’s breath attack deals 150% increased damage. Spell has a 4 second duration.
    • Leeching Breath - Active | White | 0 Rage
      • Dragon deals 50% increased breath damage and heals for 20% of its modified HP whenever a tower is destroyed. Spell has a 4.5 second duration.
  • Magic Barrier - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Upon activation, Dragon becomes immune to all incoming damage for 3.5 seconds, and is blocks both Mage Tower’s supershot Rage drain / freeze effects. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Revitalize - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
    Dragon restores 40% of its modified HP over 2 seconds. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Elemental Resist - Passive | Yellow
    50% damage reduction against all elemental attacks (Flaks and Beams).


Archon Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Archon is a powerful Warrior Dragon who finds success in their highly versatile breath spell, Adaptive Breath. Activating Adaptive Breath cycles through three different breath modifiers. Frost Breath freezes all towers damaged by the Dragon’s flamethrower attack. Immolating Breath dramatically increases Archon’s flamethrower damage. Finally, Leeching Breath causes Archon to heal whenever they destroy a tower. Archon wants to cycle through its different breath modifiers to address the current battle situation. Frost Breath is excellent at locking down high DPS (damage per second) islands. Immolating Breath can quickly burn through high-health Mage Towers. Leeching Breath is a great way to heal from those few straggling towers on a mostly-destroyed island.


Archon isn’t very rage intensive, but the Dragon’s sustainability relies on frequently casting Revitalize. In order to protect its Rage resources, Archon has Magic Barrier, a brief invincible shield that blocks incoming Mage super-shots and burst damage.




Corrupted Celestial

A Celestial drake malformed and corrupted by the evil magic of the Void.


Unknown to most of Atlas, the world shares its cosmic-space position with another dimension. Little is understood about this other world, though none of it is pleasant. Known as the Void, the land is more of a hellscape, rather than an actual place to live. The Void constantly radiates Chaotic energy, a magical force that causes any Atlas-native substance to warp, twist, and unmake itself. With the existence of such a dangerous and volatile place, there are always those who would seek to harness that power for their own.

As Atlas united against Kharnyx’s tyranny, the black mage sought to contact the Void in a desperate attempt for more power. Kharnyx and her disciples managed to open a portal to the Void through which they could harness the realm’s Chaotic energy. To prevent Kharnyx from destroying all of Atlas, the Spinal Peaks sent Lusian to destroy the portal. After a long battle, Lusian managed to disrupt the ritual, but the portal’s collapse discharged a massive wave of energy, exposing Lusian to the purest essence of the Void. From then, the dragon ceased to be Lusian as Atlas knew them…


Mythic Dark Hunter

Breeding Pair: Valens + Tuktu


  • Corruption of the Void - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Activate to cycle between an invisible spell and a damage boost. Spell has a 2 second cooldown between cycles.

    • Skulk - Active | White | 0 Rage
      • Dragon cloaks for 4 seconds and flies at 150% of its normal speed. This spell will always go on cooldown when the cloak duration ends.
    • Hysteria - Active | White | 0 Rage
      • Dragon deals 200% increased damage with its breath attack for 4 seconds.
  • Nourishing Shadows - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
    Dragon heals for 40% of its modified HP on cast. and recovers 100% of its Hunter ammo over 2.5 seconds. Spell has a 7 second cooldown.

  • Entrap - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Stuns buildings in target area for 12 seconds, or until the towers are damaged.

  • Adaptive Flak Resist - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Change Flak Resist type on use and gain a small amount of Rage. Cycles through Dark, Fire, Ice, and Electro Flak Resist; all resists are by 70%. Spell has 1 second of cooldown between cycles.


Lusian Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Lusian’s spells can be used in any number of different combinations to take down any defense. Lusian’s primary means of achieving this is Corruption of the Void, which is the parent spell for Skulk Hysteria, a brief cloak and a powerful breath damage steroid, respectively. Activating one of these two spells always cycles to the other. One simple strategy is to turn the corner on an island, dump all available Hunter Ammo, and then use Skulk. After ammo recovers, Lusian can break the Cloak by activating Hysteria, and the bonus damage will make short work of any towers.

Nourishing Shadows adds another layer of complexity. When cast, Nourishing Shadows heals Lusian and fully restores the Dragon’s Hunter Ammo. Let’s revisit that combat scenario mentioned above: Before casting Skulk, the first barrage should be able to take down a Blue Mage Tower. Lusian can now naturally regenerate their Hunter Ammo, cast Hysteria, and attack again. You can squeeze in a third burst of fireball attacks by using Nourishing Shadows before Hysteria’s damage boost expires.

Lusian’s final spell, Entrap, opens up even more options. Instead of destroying key towers using Lusian’s breath attack, one can simply disable them with Entrap, which both locks the tower down faster and prevents defenders from catching you off-guard with a well-timed hammer consumable or Storm Shield supershot.



Clarion Gale

A holy dragon accustomed to the cold, thin air high in the atmosphere.


Little is known about Seraph, as they spend most of their time high above the clouds, at altitudes no other dragons can reach. From such a lofty position, Seraph can spot danger from impossibly far distances, while also drawing in power from Atlas’ scorching Sun. Despite being rather disconnected from everyday life in the Spinal Peaks, Seraph has never failed to arrive when they’re needed. The Peak’s citizens can rest easy knowing that Seraph is just out of sight, soaring above the clouds.

Mythic Wind Sorcerer

Breeding Pair: Methalex + Evakhet


  • Divine Storm - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Summons lighting bolts every 1/2 second to damage random towers in front of the Dragon. Each bolt will deals 8.5% of the Dragon’s modified HP. Spell has a 5 second duration, casting 10 lightning bolts in total.

  • Celestial Shield - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Dragon activates an invincibility shield for 6 seconds. After the shield’s duration expires, healing marks are applied to all towers in range that will heal for 15% of a Dragon’s modified HP once destroyed. If a marked tower is not destroyed before the Dragon is defeated, the healing marks will carry over so the next follower Dragons can obtain the healing benefits upon destruction.

  • Sacrifice - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Deal 7.5% of Dragon’s modified HP as damage to the Dragon in exchange for immediately gaining 2 Rage. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.

  • Elemental Resist - Passive | Yellow
    50% damage reduction against all elemental attacks (Flaks and Beams).


Seraph Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Seraph’s spell kit forms a powerful engine of destruction and sustain. Divine Storm can massively damage entire islands at a time, and cannot be disrupted by Ice Flak towers. This damage combos well with a carefully timed Celestial Shield, which applies healing marks to all nearby towers when the shield expires (in addition to making Seraph invincible and immune to Mage Tower super shots). Right when the marks are applied, Divine Storm should leave the defending towers with barely any health left, allowing Seraph’s breath attack to finish off the towers, consume the marks, and restore any lost health. Sacrifice gives Seraph the Rage required to fuel these two expensive spells, but the majority of Sacrifice’s health cost can be mitigated by Celestial Shield’s healing. Seraph relies on Celestial Shield to stay alive, so anything that can disrupt the shield is a huge threat to the Dragon. Leading with another Dragon to destroy those threatening towers in advance is a great way to enable Seraph’s spell engine without risk of disruption.


Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread.

Empyrean Breeding Update

Greetings everyone,

When the Mythic Empyrean Dragons were released last week, we received feedback that the back breeding paths were less useful than before. We’ll be changing some of these paths to increase their effectiveness and offer a variety of Dragon children that can be discovered after breeding the Mythic. This will be distributed in an upcoming minor update that is planned to release before the Breeding event begins today. This update will automatically be added to your game, so there’s no need to download anything from the App Store or Google Play Store.

As a reminder, the official breeding pairs of the Empyrean Dragons will be as follows:

Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Itzani Balahm Valens (Legendary)
Jormungandr Jotun Tuktu (Legendary)
Oni Altimorak Capulos (Legendary)
Itzani Kaze Modrian (Legendary)
Oni Sanguis Evakhet (Legendary)
Jormungandr Redrian Methalex (Legendary)
Capulos Modrian Archon (Mythic)
Valens Tuktu Lusian (Mythic)
Methalex Evakhet Seraph (Mythic)

Once a Mythic has been bred, their back breed functionality will be similar to the Vanguard Tier. For example: If a player has successfully discovered Archon from breeding Capulos and Modrian, using Archon as a parent in breeding will now show options for other undiscovered Legendary Empyreans, such as Evakhet, rather than its parents.

Thanks for your patience as these changes go into effect, which will be live before this week’s Breeding event begins today. Happy breeding!