Thunderbolt , chain lightning?

I saw thunderbolt egg mission was considered chain lighting also , for instance , use 4 chain lighting spell is a egg token mission then if I use 4 thunderbolt then that mission will be completed.
My question => in research there r some research available for lighting spell , if it’s applicable for thunderbolt also ?

The research for chain lightning does NOT apply to the thunderbolt spell. I’m not entirely sure why thunderbolt counts for chain lightning missions, but this is not the only set of spells that share that particular peculiarity.

It’s too early for me to try to think of others but I think Leathal Barrie/Explosive Shield both count for the same egg missions.


If you want to increase thunderbolt bounces, use rune of storm available in Equestor seasonal lines

There is inconsistencies in the egg missions.

Similar spells can count towards each others egg missions. For example:

Freeze/Earthquake/Frozen Tomb/Ice Shock all count towards each others missions.
Static Shield/Lethal Barrier/Exploding Shield all count towards each others missions.
Havoc/Talon Frenzy/Chaos all count towards each others missions.
Invert/Reverse projectiles count towards each others missions.
Chain lightning/Thunderbolt count towards each others missions.

But the runes will not help unless the spell name matches exactly. Rejuvenate runes do not help super rejuvenate, etc.
And the research does not help unless the spell matches. Invert research does not help reverse projectiles, chain lightning research doesn’t help thunderbolt.

Thanks all

If the spells are in the same file, they’ll count for the missions. You can roughly base it on if they do the same thing but with tweaks in color (Death Gaze, Death Stare) or values (Umbral Spike, Uproot, Tidal Surge).

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