Ticket need help

Dont know if i am doing this correct or not but i need help. My ingame name is UltrawaveSHOCK level 325 team name Gowrefugees we are in platinum 1 angry hantus and i had 175 atlas chests for the atlas badges and when new season started in atlas i lost all of my atlas chests and ive tried to put a ticket in while i am in game but for some reason it wont let me submit a ticket. Can someone plz help me and thanks.

Badge chests do not carry over to the new season. Atlas chests do, but it sounds like you’re talking about badge chests.


As mentioned above… those chests do not carry over from season to season. Sorry that you didn’t realize it, but at least you are aware going forward.

To be clear, the ones on the left carry over, the circled ones do not.

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I was talking about atlas badge chest. They use to carry over when did they stop carrying over. If they dont carry over they should. U should be able to save them and open at begining of new season just like gold chest.

The ones on the right side haven’t carried over ever as far as I can recall. They’re named after the season (atlas lotusbloom chest in this case) so it wouldn’t make sense to open those in the next season. :man_shrugging:t3:


They did one time for me unless it was a glitch and i assumed they carry over also. Thanks for the help.

Actually, I was searching for this on the forums the other day and it is well documented in the past that chests carried over AND that it was so intended. One PG employee even said if it didn’t work they needed to know so they could make sure the mechanic was working properly or something along those lines. I’ll look for the link.

When and why they changed this, I am not sure. I had to ask support in game for clarification that badges and badge chests are wiped.

EDIT: As you can see, only a year ago there was this official response…


What you are talking about is when you can’t convert your badge chest to atlas chest (much like how sigils can be exchanged to gold chest). They did it because there was no way to do it. Now, you can do it if you unlock the Mythic Gear Branch. If you missed it (not referring to you specifically, but to anyone who “forgot”), didn’t use your leftover on other branches, that’s pretty much your fault.

They extended the season for 1 more day so everyone was given enough time for this.

There was never a time that a X Badge Chest was converted to Y Badge Chest.


It references conversion from BADGE chests to ATLAS chests. There was no repeatable atlas chest prize in the early seasons, so this conversion was done for the few dozen players that maxed out a season back then. This stopped when the repeatable atlas prize was introduced, because people could now simply keep buying atlas chests themselves.

There was never a time where badges from an earlier season converted to badges for the next season.

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Which is exactly what I was talking about, the chests. The post I initially I replied to said there had NEVER been a time when badge chests were converted to Atlas chests. To which point, I provided evidence to the contrary.

I don’t know who this is directed at because I never made this assertion.

So it stopped with last year’s Spring season where the infinite chest was placed at the end of the rider branches… now it appears to be only in Mythic gear branches, correct?

At no point did the op or yourself talk about atlas chests, so yes I was talking to you, and yes you did claim badge chests used to carry over. You may not have meant to say that, but it is what you actually wrote.

Yes. You get one chest for 2k glory. It’s awful

They carried over lime the first 2 atlas season9

Absolutely correct, I said chests, which is 100% true. Chests did. Badges did not, which you claimed I said. I only ever mentioned chests, not badges.

Sure mate, whatever makes you happy.

I posted the original source reference material, which is fact. If you somehow interpret that to mean something other than what it literally says, I can’t help that. I said multiple times they were converted and supplied documentation that they were at one time automatically converted to atlas chests. The OP even mentioned they thought they used to do it automatically, which again is documented.

I posted a reference on the conversion mechanics, and I never claimed season badges were changed into the next season’s badges, as you asserted for me. If I had, I’m sure that’s what you would have quoted.

EDIT: @Morreion taking a single sentence out of the context of the link I was speaking about of course changes how things appear, as taking things out of context usually does. If it was meant to stand alone, I wouldn’t have included anything else with it to give a place to reference and yup, you guessed it, context.