Tie-Breaker for Global Rank


Heyo -

What is the official tie breaker when two teams share a global rank at the top/bottom of a league? Surely it’s not random.

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The one with the most won wars should win? :thinking:


I would be fine with that, or a variety of other things. Right now I am looking at one that makes no sense on any level. Hell, the team that moved up is actually ranked globally below the team that stayed down, even though they have the same rating points.


Looks to be alphabetical order :man_facepalming:


Not in this case.


:eyes: Knowing the hows and whys of this lottery system would be a good thing I think…


The magic 8 ball knows all…


Would also like to know

Things it’s not:

  • Alphabetical
  • Most recent war won
  • Most recent war
  • All time wars won
  • Number of “most recent team honors”
  • Team with the highest level player

Things it could be (whether circumstantial or my own ideas):

  • Team that doesn’t have the highest level player
  • Team with the highest level leader
  • Overall team medals earned
  • Team Activity (could count above 100/100 and just not show)

Things it’s also not:

  • Team with the most time in that league
  • Oldest Team

Maybe it’s team with the prettiest leader :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What about teams reaching that rating points first?


Could there be invisible decimals? Are we sure its truly a “tie”?


It’s integer, so no decimal…

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LOL for sure not

Mmm. The team that moved down came from above. I cannot say for certain who got there first.


I wondered about this as well but couldn’t decide how to phrase it


I do have a ticket open, for the record. It was passed on from stage one (who was nice).


Just thinking about “computation” aspect.
I mean, even if wars end at the same time, they’re still being processed in a “queue”.


The rating itself, the team that moved down (mine, hello obvious) had that rating for significantly longer.

EDIT: actually, I cannot say for certain as I don’t know the other team’s PvP scores.

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Slum it down in S1 with us for a week - it’ll be fun!


Fun until we pick a target for war :smiling_imp:

But really, I want to know the criteria.