Tier based discounting N-1 system

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Long story short if Eldritch is better at 252k why not have all of them that way, instead of just two?

Because that’s how tier-based discounting functions consistently across tiers:

Breeding with X tier parents gets X tier discounts.

As a result, the first couple dragons of each tier are discounted if the previous tier was discounted, due to being bred with discount-tier parents, and the rest are not.

So since Abyssal is a discount tier (10%), all breeding with Abyssal parents is discounted by 10%. This includes getting the first couple dragons of the Eldritch tier.

This is exactly the same way that the first couple of Abyssal dragons can be bred using the Empyrean discount, the first Empyreans can be be bred using the Vanguard discount, the first Vanguards can be bred with the Harbinger discount, and so on down.

It’s based on the parents’ tiers, not the new dragons’. It’s not that complicated.

…or if you want a straightforward “Why not have them all discounted?” the answer is “Because costs go up with breeding each tier, and this is a reasonable way to do it given the ways that dragons can be bred,” or possibly “Because money.”


You are correct

Still correct

You’re also still ranting on the wrong topic.

Please read first then respond, or heck ask a question if you’re confused.

Who said this? A N-1 system as all BUT N discounted.

You saying you want higher cost than Abyssal, of which everyone complained to high heaven they were outrageously expensive?

Please read first then respond, or ask a question if you’re confused.

All of them are discounted with correct parents, so I don’t see anything wrong with it.

This is incorrect? Are you using a breeding path to be efficient? I know you are so don’t be rash.

N-1 system with N discounted is broke. Fix that but leave discount isn’t that hard to do.

@moderators this thread subject is dumb. Why wouldn’t anyone want discounted headstarts for expensive tiers?

I’m facepalming so hard I’m sure I caused a big bang in another reality…

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A discount is what is above.

Obviously PG doesn’t want a full discounted tier or the dragons would already be discounted.

They chose a compromise between being fair to the players and allowing the company to make money. The more Abyssal Mythic you previously got, the easier your entry into the next tier is, basically getting you all legendaries discounted, instead of all tier including yet unreleased mythics.

That’s why I think this thread is dumb. What you are suggesting is already implemented if you have all Abyssal Mythics (and I suppose you need all Abyssal legendaries to do so).

This is a suggestion thread. The OP was directed to post this rather than clutter an announcement thread. I’d suggest that if you don’t agree, simply ignore the thread.

Fair enough, but I was arguing that the suggestion was already ingame. I’ll stop feeding the troll now.

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Clearly you don’t understand how things work for people who are at End Game. There are people out there who had bred literally everything. If someone already owns every single lineage dragon that was available in the game before the new tier was released this event, then they are in the position to get every single one of the new Eldritch legendaries at a discount because they have the Abyssal parents (i.e. mythics) necessary to do so.

These people don’t need two Eldritch dragons that are the offspring of the same Abyssal parent in order to breed a 3rd Eldritch dragon, because they already have all three Abyssal mythics. These people would therefore get a discount on every single Eldritch legendary, because they’ve already spent a ton of tokens to get each mythic from what is now the N-1 tier. @Raziel may not fall into this demographic, but they know other players that do.


:rofl: have him on ignore so didn’t see that.

In any case, I’m usually right. So there’s that. :man_shrugging:

N-1 was also a term coined by good ol mech (or savage, I forget which) when the idea of a catch up mechanism was first mooted. There is no standard definition of what N-1 means in this game.

The way PG chose to implement this was via discounting the tier of the parents, not the tier of the child. That’s their prerogative.

Edit: was actually @Eidolon that first floated the idea! Hats off :trophy:


These two contradict themselves. Where Abyssal to expensive like the forums have gone on about for 6 months straight now?

What do the people want then? You say Abyssal was to expensive, but then when I say discount Eldritch, without using tier based discounting N-1 system, you say it should be more expensive? Either more expensive or completely off a breeding path where you own everything already?

It doesn’t make sense to discount a brand new tier with a system in place to help as a catch up mechanic. In the current system the only dragon breeds at full are gold and below, the ones way behind N are the only ones with full 20 tokens per breed. That’s just crazy, the system was put into place to help catch up lower tiers.

Give N-1 a discount finally, as previous discounting never gave it.
Keep the system where 20 tokens is N tier breeding.
Admit a mistake in breed costs of previous tier and reduce token cost in a way that keeps the things above intact?

I Just read the announcement post again , and it’s looks like all dragons are equally discounted , as per the respective parents , correct me if i am wrong :thinking::thinking:

Those statements do NOT contradict each other because as soon as you use two Eldritch tier dragons to breed ANY other Eldritch dragon, be it another legendary or one of the mythics (which will be released at a later date) you no longer get the discount.

How many times must we say that the discount applies to the PARENT tier, not the child tier?

If PG wanted all of Eldritch tier to be discounted, then they would have discounts based on the children being bred, not the parents used to make the dragon. Or they would have just made the tier less expensive to begin with.

It really isn’t worth it to argue or try to have a discussion on the matter. It’s best to just not comment if you have a differing opinion in this particular scenario.

Just a PSA to avoid the headache…

#> ## Tier-Based Discounting Details:

The following Tiers will be discounted:

  • Obsidian Tier --> 10% off current token requirements
  • Emerald Tier --> 20% off current token requirements
  • Garnet Tier --> 30% off current token requirements
  • Sapphire Tier --> 30% off current token requirements
  • Update : Platinum Tier --> 30% off current token requirements

Clarification : For breeding, the tiers above refer to the parents of a particular Egg Fragment.

Above from pg when they announced tier based discount…
They clearly said , if we use parents from particular tier tokens per breed will be reduced as per they mentioned ,
It doesn’t matter you breed upper tier dragon or lower tier ( back breed ) dragon … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:

System working exactly as they mentioned as far as my understanding…


Fair point :joy: Might as well just drop it since it’s impossible to have a discussion. Any attempts at discourse tend to resemble having an argument with a brick wall.