Tier or Divine dragons?

At the moment I just get my tier dragons (Green) to breedable and don’t really fly them as I use Divines instead. I get the Divines to 1 stone above my current tier in most events. Now I’m level 70, E2P and just about to hatch my first Gold tier dragon and was wondering if it is actually worth getting some tier dragons to expert from Gold onwards or continue with a Divine or 2 to 1 stone above my current tier?

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i hope u are following a breeding guide. TheRedDelilah paths are the best.
The best combo out there for breed the best gold are Munin + Yersinu = Consurgens / Whalegnawer / Caladbolg for 100k eggs. Cons and Whale are your main breeders for Platinum. Many Green/Golds drags are simply usless and dont waste epic / legendary / mythic runes on normal drags, save them for divine drags

It depends on how quickly you are leveling, and how active you are. For me, it was not worth it to grind Whalegnawer to den cap after I got him breedable, so I have just gotten him to level 20 by just flying him for his daily xp multiplier. I may end up doing the same thing for Rizar.

However, they both are good dragons, so if you have the time and resources, go ahead and level them up. Whalegnawer’s sacrifice spell can be really handy when you are in a tight spot with no rage, and Rizar’s galvanic overload is a really fun spell.

So do you have a lot of spare time when you are playing war dragons? If you do, grind those xp runs, and have fun.

Thx, I am following Red’s path and have been using Amoeba’s at the start also. I also starve them ready for Feeding events unless I need them to breed.

Legendary/mythic runes I only use on divines.

The question is do I get tiers to expert or continue with divines?

I did/do both. But as a E2P I progress slowly so have plenty of time to slog about

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well, depends from the dragon. No green dragons are worth the training. For the Gold, the only ones worth are the two legendary hunters ( Cons and Whale ). For Platinum , only Rizar and Kelvin worth the training.
Just for info, for unlock Platinum tier, u just need 3 / 4 Gold drags, my only golds are Cons / Whale / Ferrox / Lumen/ Yersinu and i think 1 of them is usless

I’d keep my eyes open for the most valuable season dragons (based on player feedback) and go a few extra stones out on those, or max them if you really love the dragon.

I got all of Necryx’s stones when I was in Garnet dragons, based on the spell set and player feedback. Now that I’m running about with Obsidian dragons he’s still part of my main lineup at expert.

Legendary Tier Dragons are fairly strong if you breed them soon and level them enough. They can not kill the well built base but surely take out plenty miss-built base around for resource.
Divine dragons are just dragon that has a bit better spell set design to kill base in one shot

I personally get the lineage dragons to breedable, then continue to do XP runs for them until I have enough XP banked to get them to expert. Then I store them and keep working on others. The goal being have my dragons all breedable and have a bunch of XP saved up for training (AKA Feeding) events.

Where you are, I would say Consurgens (gold) will be a fun dragon to continue to train regularly, Rizar (platinum) was also fun. IMHO, only the mythics are worth training in sapphire. So far, garnet is just for breeding.

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It really depends on your divines.
My alt is lvl84+ and only uses Necryx, Nightshade or Kinnarus. It‘s very rare that I need 3 hunters for a base and need Whale to finish.

So I would say until Sapphire tier where you get other setters (Sekhem and then Hauheset) you can be very fine only playing with divines if you picked the right ones.

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