Time for a new beginning

So I don’t post much on forums but I do read them daily. The negativity has killed me. Topics that are valid concerns constantly get drowned out by nonsense. Everybody hates this and everybody hates that. I am sure by now there are enough tickets in where PG knows the current issues. Here is my suggestion on how to fix this game. I know full well the negative feedback this is about to get, but here goes.

  1. put war dragons offline for 24 or 48 hours.(this would be announced weeks in advance) Use this time to clean up game code and release a “master patch”. or whatever. During this time all teams get wiped from all atlas castles.

  2. soft start in new version whatever whatever, while atlas is down. no teams have atlas access. teams who wish to have atlas applies and will be granted access by team rank(only thing other than members that stays with the team)

  • top 1000 teams or whatever gets atlas permission. they are sorted into leagues by rank away from non atlas teams.
    -each team must join a WD guild. for argument sake lets say 50 guilds (each guild has a different game banner identifying its alliance) so guild A has a red banner and team B has a blue banner and each has a max of 20 teams (replace 5ta) everyone of the 1000 teams will be paired. A period of 48 hours is given for all teams will be sorted into a Guild. Teams will autofill guilds after the 48 hour period if they do not select a guild. each Guild has the same advantages as current 5TA do. Remove passage list from forts. after this each team is randomly assigned a castle within a predetermined guild territory. after a short wait, atlas begins.
    -when a team disbands from atlas a new team is pulled from non atlas league by same process as above at league reset weekly and is auto filled into the vacant guild spot.
  • Teams will have a chance to change guilds between events at predetermined intervals (monthly weekly whatever). If they do not find a new home they will be autofilled to empty spot.
    -guild ranks rewards etc replace team rank and rewards within atlas

example of new league structure:
ATLAS Dimond rank 1-400 Sapphire rank 401-1000
Non Atlas Platinum 1001-3000 Gold 3001+
-non atlas teams can not move up to sapphire, even though team rank is higher (ya ultimate sandbagging I guess, but there are players who don’t want atlas)
-Non atlas league has increased timers in league rewards to compare to 1/3 of atlas average (or something somewhat balanced)

Feel free to throw this idea down hard, but games ive previously played have done similar things to great success. Sucks to start over, but I believe a new beginning is in order :slight_smile:

have a good day

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Honestly - I would stop playing atlas, perhaps the game, if everything was taken from me. I get the idea behind a new start, but it would be a very easy way to quit for me.


what about the thousands of years of timers worth of infrastructure people have put into those castles? what about the people whose only castle is now an access fire castle? why do there need to be guilds? is that like your 5ta right now? how is this better than just making war dragons 2? do wars no longer matter? this might bring new people in, but most atlas players would quit if everything was taken.


It would be a hard pill to swallow, and maybe there would need to be some sort timer-less upgrading on infrastructure on “war dragons 2”. The stale game state needs a jolt of some kind. I mean glory swapping CG trading? I think for a war game we could be better

Do you mean reset Atlas alone or everything along with it? Like timers, diamonds, shards, etc?

You would keep personal items not team items maybe convert team rank to gold packs before the downtime? Lots of options

umm it’d appeal to me because of the chaos it would create but I don’t see many people liking it.


I think a game rebalance most people disliking would actually be successful. I should have mentioned and better explained this there’s over 2 dozen complaints from forums resolved in doing something along this line. :slight_smile:

It’d not feel like a game rebalance, though. It would feel like a punishments for teams that have spent years building up their infra. Even if you were to replace infra with a free/cheaper version of it, the optics would be the same.

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So at the current game state they’ve won the game? What’s next? New primarchs after silver 2s all maxed out?

I am saying that it wouldn’t be easy to sell something like this as a game rebalance. Now, say that they were to do resets like this periodically, it could become a race to build up from zero rather than just taking stuff away for the sake of shocking life into the game. But even that, for players who have been playing since the dawn of atlas, it may be hard to swallow.

It would still be the same game with the same outcome.

The only people who would possess atlas castles would certainly be whales, even more than now. Middling teams who grinded their way to own one or two castles would lose their hard-earned rewards, or completely lose access to Atlas. Even paying players would certainly stop investing as much in Atlas. Why bothering to spend so much if it’s as temporary as a base boost?

Even players who don’t have Atlas/wouldn’t get Atlas under your suggestion would be disgusted with such a change. You are literally asking for a total remake of Atlas structure. I’m not seeing it happening.

Moving to suggestions btw.


currently, only 50 spot for Diamond
:eyes: Instant rank up

on topic
It’s way too late to reset Atlas, few years too late.
It should have been done before Atlas is monetized.

I’d rather give Atlas access to all teams (or all teams built after certain period of time, to prevent spam)


Wouldn’t be meant as a temporary change, but a lasting solution to a game where I’ve seen countless complaints. Not meant to be perfect and thanks for moving this to suggestions as this is all this is (not forums savvy :+1:). If nothing changes, nothing changes.

I remember back when they first released Atlas and the plan was to have it available for all teams down to bronze with numerous expansions. Those were the days…


What I meant by temporary is your investment in Atlas before your reset. Conquering castles, building infrastructures, upgrading them cost alot, in time and other resources, sometimes money. If all this can be lost at a whim believe me players would not invest as much the next reset: once bitten twice shy.

If all of atlas was reset, I would quit the game :slight_smile: because there would go all my teams hard work, down the drain…
I also refuse to receive less shards .
Your solution would kill this game.

Holding everything else static, it wouldn’t work, but if other things are also changed, it could be fun. Like, I’d be down for regular resets (I’ve said this before, but land grabs were the most fun…when the lag wasn’t the worst that is lol), but they’d have to do something different than what they did with the steep infrastructure costs and how they tied bonuses to it. Would need major benefits for conquering not just holding, etc. Losing castles would need to not be so punishing. Transitioning would likely require recompense above and beyond anything they’d actually be willing to give. So not impossible, but perhaps more difficult than it’s worth.

I personally love the suggestion for all access though!


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