Time for another Silver Chests post (Dragon Armor ?!?)

I know, I know. They never get addressed. Although my first choice would be to add in some viable base tower runes for electrum tower meta, another decent idea could be to once a season, bring back the useless dragon armor.

My reasoning:

It wasn’t around for very long.

It only applies to dragons that are probably mostly retired by over 75% of the player base. (I think platinum or sapphire tier off the top of my head)

It doesn’t affect game balance at all. Dragon armor is/was always purely cosmetic.

It gives us something to collect and change up the look for the older dragons when we break them out for Assault/Dungeons/Temple Raid.

At some point, the only viable runes in silver chests become rage and ammo runes, so if new runes aren’t going to be added to catch up to 2022, why not throw some nostalgia in.

Do it during breed or fort (or even just during Dungeons) so no harm no foul, if you want to do it, great, if not, great.

Seems harmless and an easy way for PG to do something a little different.

Reverse psychology: If this was done, then PG could see people’s stockpiles of silver chests lowered and would entice them to add new runes to the silver chests as a potential money maker.

I dunno, just thinking out loud. Feel free to tell me what a terrible idea this is.


Silver chests are and always have been for runes… I don’t understand. Are you suggesting that cosmetics should replace (possibly) beneficial things? And why silver chests of all things? Why not at certain prizes?

New runes are a good idea… would be interested to see runes with different benefits. But, they’re already doing that with exotic gear. Just means they hold a higher value to what could possibly be in different runes… so probably wouldn’t lower value/make it easer to gain.

There isn’t many things to consider for runes other than attack, health, rage, ammo. Projectile speed is in the exotic gear, ammo regeneration, health/rage on kill… what else could there be which they would put into a rune and not exotic gear?

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Back in the day, they introduced dragon armor as a cosmetic thing. For a few 1 event periods, there were pieces of this armor mixed in with runes and maybe du (I’m not sure dust was even a thing yet)… Later, some festive holiday pieces were added as event prizes or direct buys (HERO: Red) that benefited a charity.

All I am suggesting is bring it back. Occasionally.

If you go to the dragon den and click the armor button and then select all you can see there were lots of pieces to equip on the dragons.

To be fair, I don’t think they called them silver chests but maybe armor chests and they replaced the silver chests on a week by week basis.

Probably not many even remember them.

Hard pass.

I’d only agree if those cosmetic armors/skin changes are offered from store as a part of new value packs.

E.g. A new value pack that costs approximately $100 USD that will still give us 35k rubies but without any extras other than these new cosmetics you talk about.

I would definitely love to see any kind of improvement to silver chests, however it is something we have asked for before several times. Cough cough event prize glyphs lol
At this point I have such a stockpile, since I already have a handful of ammo and rage runes, that I wouldn’t mind seeing them show up in a trading post trade for something more useful.


I’d like to know your reasoning for a “hard pass”.

Are you so enamoured with the chance to get another Rare Poison Striker rune? Or is it Epic Lumber Production? Jeebers, my bad.

Did you read the whole post? I didn’t ask for a permanent change? A once a season change is all (at most).


They would NOT replace new items (regardless of the value) with what’s considered useless. I’d rather get an ammo rune than a pretty skirt for my Xul. Or would I :thinking:

Try harder. Ammo runes are available during 1 event, Fight Pits. At least mythic ones.

WHICH IS WHY I SUGGESTED TO REPLACE DURING BREED, FORT, OR ADDING THEM TO DUNGEONS when nobody is opening silver chests anyway (or at least shouldn’t be) (BECAUSE you’re not getting Ammo runes there).

Sorry-ish for the caps, I just thought it was weird how you didn’t read it before. Or if you did, you didn’t correlate that the only time you should really be opening silver chests is during Fight Pits anyway.

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I did read it, I do understand how silver chest openings work, and I do think my point still stands. Cosmetic means visual value only. 400 rune dust is more rune dust than 0 rune dust. It shouldn’t replace items already in the game even for the principle of it… if they can do it with runes (May not even replace the low value items) then what’s stopping them from replacing other items with ultimately worthless items?

Alrighty, to be clear, the chests were not all armor. They were scattered in the drop table at something like 1 piece per 10 chests.

I still think I’d rather get them as part of a drop and lose out on a few low value runes or dust than give up real resources like sigils in a trading post or real dollars in a pack (thus sacrificing gold chests, rubies, inners, timers, etc)

Regardless of how its done, it might be fun to put them back in.