Time for refund from Apple

I’m not a big fan of making angry posts on forum,but this is totally bs.
4800 rubies for 3 rare runes,really guys?
Can anyone comment this terrible drop,please?

I definitely going to refund money from Apple.but still want to know why we supposed to buy those chests for 1600 rubies to get same drop that we can have for free.
Usually,when there is a special chests (like gold or sigils) we have something better,then rare drop
I can’t even get any dust from this awful runes
@Arelyna @PGJared

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You bought runic chests 1 at a time. 3 times?



Yep.i wanted elemental barrier rune,lol.
I haven’t expected that it’s possible to have so terrible drop

Take mine I don’t want it but above all else don’t buy these chests.

Not sure if you’re aware, but if you save your ‘claim free bonus’ Silver Chest, once Runic Chests are available you can get a free drop, which has the potential to be better than a normal Runic drop.

In the nicest way possible, this one is on you.

Many posts on the forums on the terrible drop rates of runic chests and the ridiculous price.

Also, buying 1 at a time is just an even worse deal in my opinion.


buy the 10 piece or don’t buy at all.

Another one would be what @Ebony said which is get 29/30 on silver chest and when runic chest comes out you get 1 free runic chest that gives legendary and above rarity.

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It is actually to open 30/30 but don’t open the bonus silver chest. Leave it until runic replaces it and the silver bonus chest button will turn into runic bonus chest.


SHHHH!!! Dont tell them about the bugs that are in our favor…


This is the worst possible chest to buy. Do not buy it every, unless you simply have money to burn, since that is all you are doing.

Even opening them 10 at a time, you have about a 4.5% chance at a legendary or Mythic (and it could still be crap–mythic evasion, anyone?). If you are trying to get a specific legendary or mythic rune from these chests, your odd are impossibly low.

Do not spend money/rubies on these chests ever.

Until PG re-does these chests, they are the worst possible thing you can spend your rubies on. Unless you’re desperate for dust, I suppose. Even that is a stretch.

They put it there on purpose. They were even telling us about it back in october at the atlas party

You got a Rage Rune, Congrats.

It has been posted…

Keep us posted on how the refund process goes!

TBH sounds like calling a bug a feature. They would not be the first to do that by any means…

It helps people cycle through their silver chests and actually adds value back to the silver chests while making us feel smart about it :+1:

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I never feel smart about anything.

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