Time frame for Atlas update?

Has there been any update as to when Atlas changes will be enacted? (I.e. land reset or something significant; not prim tiers)

Seems we’re getting a lot of “main game” changes that IMO don’t really need fixing, in lieu of getting the atlas changes developed and out. (Disclaimer: I am no developer; I’m sure these things take time.) But, a time frame update would be nice, please?

it’ll happen before Q4 2022. :crazy_face:

We were promised an update on this weeks ago.
Just cricket so far…
Would be really nice to have an idea what and when. I think we, all the players of this game, have been very patient when we were told it would be happening soon.

Atlas will end the season 29 days later.

What kind of renewal are you planning for next season?

Under the current rules, personal activity is important for Glory, but when renewed, team activity is also important like PvP event.

There is also a problem with 30 day Glory lock, so please tell us what kind of renewal you are planning for the next season. :pleading_face::pray:


We’re focused on delivery of the public API at the moment, but land shuffle, multi-chest opening, and the rest are being worked on. There’s a lot on-deck, and we’re doing our best given the current work-from-home situation making collaboration tricky at times.


Any update on this? @PGEggToken @PGGalileo

At the earliest fall atlas season. They won’t blow up atlas mid season with a land shuffle and from the latest update they’re working on it but it hasn’t been in QA testing for a week meaning there is no chance it’ll be ready in time for summer atlas season.

A redesign of the main part of the game for many players is something I’d expect they’ll take their time on to get it right.

That would be disappointing to see no changes in the next atlas season

Then maybe they shouldn’t have said last season that it was going to be implemented early in this season.

@PGNines are we seriously looking at the fall season for this to take affect?

Yes, I wish that wasn’t the case, but the map shuffle feature is still in development.

Would totally be fine if in the interim, you guys wanna do that 3x glory again at the beginning of Summer Atlas season… just sayin’. :smirk:Since that didn’t take much to update and then revoke. :grin:


No, please don’t ever do extra glory again. Makes for a very boring atlas season. It’s too tempting to take advantage of and ends the season waaaaay too early. Stick with normal glory so it actually means something to finish all the prizes. Easier to time for the end of the season too instead of the middle.

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