Time Reduction Cost of travelling between Owned and Allied castles for defensive actions

I think it would do good if there was a time discount when travelling between owned castles or allied when under attack.

One tactic, which I don’t care for but is truly effective, is a shotgun approach with a low troop complement. Attacking multiple castles in short order, can have defenders flying all over the map. This is very time consuming, very draining on resources, and has a mental fatigue toll if used over a long period of time. It can be truly abusive and I think it is time that we have something to help offset it’s effectiveness.

What I would like to see is the time to travel between owned castles reduced by a 1/10 of the cost on time, thus reducing the cost of the timers/diamonds. Here are some proposed conditions in order to enable this cost reduction, as we don’t want this to be abused either for general game play:

  • Between Owned Castles or 5 Team Alliance Castles
  • Only applies to primarchs travelling to a castle with at least 1 enemy primarch
  • Enemy primarch must have a minimum of troops, maybe 2,000 (no cheating with having a primarch with 1 sitting in order to allow short cuts across maps)
  • Enemy primarch must have initiated an attack

Personally I don’t like that it has to be attacking, personally I like swooping in and catching enemies trying to sneak by waiting out the 30 second blockage (which I despise btw, 30 seconds is a joke IMO, but a topic for another day)

What great responsibility (owning castles) comes great burden.

Then again, I think you should be able to move between all of your own castles in 1 second, cause well you should.

Or not.

I didn’t realize people still played that Atlas stuff anyway…

I agree the cost to fly between your castles should be decreased a lot, similar to what the delays were? So originally they were say 15 mins on a t2 and now 30 seconds? So the discount should be the same 1/30th of the current cost to fit in with the delay changes.

This map is favoring defensive gameplay already. Why would you want to strengthen the defensive part even more, by giving defenders a shorter time to travel? If you don’t have enough active players to deal with multi-attacks on different castles, your TA might be holding too many of those?

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No thanks, hard pass, defending is only hard when the officers of a team and one or two players are doing most of the work.
Find a better team, that actually helps defend in atlas
But overall diamond travel cost for everyone cabe reduced, not just defending teams