Time served bonus

I think as an incentive to stay playing the game, if you gave something like 3% attack boost per year served on dragons and 5% defence boost on base per year served, you would get a greater balance. And player retention would improve, senior players would feel more appreciated for there efforts. Don’t see any cons only pros,

I understand that line of thought, and it would be something I would benefit from, but I think the primary issue is a problem with retaining new players and this would make that difficult. Especially since at low leagues there are people here and there that old players or alt’s that just never got big and they would have an insane advantage then surrounded by players without those buffs.


What, how? You’d get better balance by attacking more boosts on those who already have a massive advantage?


So for 5-6 years a player gets an extra buffed base boost :eyes::eyes::eyes: . That is a big NOOOOOO

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Geez man, your title makes it sound like a prison sente-- oh wait… yup…


The major issue is that the difference betwen bottom and top keeps increasing. Adding to the top probably won’t solve that :slight_smile:


Yea if anything we need to focus on keeping new players.
The pool of active players is going down, and because of that I think some things are becoming more expensive. If there were say 100k new player who were active, some would probably spend, and potentially as a result the 5,500 sigil packs (a fraction of the sigils needed to get a mythic) that appear at some point in the season would be frickin $100 USD lol. Not many people need those packs anyway or else don’t want to buy them, but my point stands that things are sooo overpriced. $100 in a lot of other mobile games would literally buy you the game :joy:

Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I do believe our relatively small pool of active players is why things have always been quite expensive in this game.


Yeahhhhhno. Of all the things this game needs, giving more benefits to those who have already had the most time to accumulate benefits does not seem like the wisest course.

The game is already deeply flawed in that it is both extremely expensive and extremely time-consuming for a player or team to become competitive. Endgame keeps growing further and further away for new players, while those at the very top continue to build on their advantages, season after season.

If anything, it’s more likely that PG would be incentivized to get rid of those top-tier players, since they’re players and teams that don’t need to spend for the mythics, for troops, for breeding dragons, etc., and to offer bonuses to newer players, who still have a long way to progress, and might still spend heavily on the game. (Or better yet, find new things for the older players to spend money on)

But certainly the last thing we need is to increase the divide between the newer and older players.


Balance is one thing it wouldn’t give. Sure it’d be a nice bonus but at the higher levels it really could tip the scales too far.

I wouldnt mind something like this but I dont think it should be stat boosts. Maybe something like special portraits for 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs, ect. Maybe elite with rubies to be added for say playing 3 or 4 years or like the bounty harbor prizes are multiplied by the number of years you have (full years only, no 2.5 years).

I’ve also always thought there should be some kind of rewards tied to certain medal counts, like we had with the achievements in the beginning. Nothing game breaking but some kind of nice reward for being an active player that grinds rather than just spends money


Yep something that doesn’t give a competitive advantage would be a nice gesture for sure, with no downside.


Lmao how does adding HP and Attack bonus to every year a player played creates balance?? :joy::rofl: that’s actually creating more of an imbalance

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Unless its custom portraits, i doubt that will keep people in the game. If its a service that, for each year, you can upload an image and use as portrait, it may have a slightly positive effect on players, but I don’t believe it will change retention

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Even if you could have a custom portrait (which would be a terrible, terrible idea), I very much doubt that would be the thing to keep anyone in a game they’re considering leaving. If you’re at the point of being on the way out then you dont really care about portraits. Things that would help keep players engaged would be

  • new, fun events
  • fixing the damn glitches
  • improving the servers
  • stop with the pointless filler updates that just cause more problems
  • not destroying atlas in a few weeks
  • properly fixing current events like the super long cd in Gauntlet (and brutally murdering :hocho: :hocho: :hocho: Kingdom Wars :dagger: :dagger: :dagger:)

Let’s not do that. It would create a huge amount of extra work for support as someone would have to go through all the uploaded pics to make sure they were okay to use. Given how some people go crazy using eggplant emoji, I wouldn’t trust them not to abuse the system and upload something NSFW.


Given that the portrait tends to be used as forum avatar as well, I wonder if the responsibility will fall to forum mods :eyes:

Hahaha, that would be crazy. Especially since most of the mods aren’t actually employees.

I’d prefer a % of money spent refunded in cash (not ingame stuff).

Just saying. I could use 10%, even 1%.

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