Time shift on Hau

When flying Hau, I thought I should be able to fly hidden when in time shift and only using spells. I’m currently flying Hau on Andy (the 508 xp base), and get killed as soon as I use crumble to dust. Even though I’m cloaked in time shift. Has there been a nerf on Hau lately or is this a bug?

You crumbling a FF? :thinking:


But if Hau was in Time Shift wouldn’t that still make him invincible to the FF’s destroy damage? :t_rex:

No you still get hit - just like if you were in cloak


Oh okay, nevermind lol. :t_rex:

Is that a glitch or intentional?

Let’s just call it a “feature”


Hmm. That is a good question.

Is there anything else that cloak doesn’t dodge? That seems like it would be unintentional. Unless the argument is that the death explosion is AOE (it’s not really, but it does have a range). If it were AOE, it would damage the other towers too.

A fire turret or any projectile shot that fires AFTER cloak is active.

Don’t say blue mage aura either… Not what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Fire Turret thing. If you Cloak too late after it’s started firing sometimes, it’ll still shoot its fireball. :t_rex:
Edit: @Grumpybigbird beat me to it lmao.

Ah… So, you cloak before it launches but after it has gotten far enough that it will launch rather than stop?

Edit: work on your timing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, sounds right. It’s pretty inconsistent in my experience. Pain in the ass. :t_rex:

Hmm… But if you C2D while in time shift, you were already cloaked when the FF exploded.

Like I said in another thread, with the Fire Turret you CAN actually get it to stop winding up if you cloak early enough. But the window is very small so most of the time if you cloak during wind up sequence you get shot at.


Yeah, that’s why I think it’s a weird glitch. I don’t have Hau so I can’t test this, though, lmfao. :t_rex:

I have her, but I never became a Hau expert.

Seems odd that this (the FF death explosion) isn’t dodged. I’ll have to go back and look at what cannot be dodged. Most things can be dodged. A few cannot. Need to look at the cloak csv… Since cloak is its own spell. So is timeshift… Not based on anything else. Evasion and flash are the “same” but with different attributes.


It can be dodged, just not when you’re in time shift already since it’s an “AOE” explosion.

And cloak wouldn’t be informative here, since you’d have to cloak right after you killed it… Which would be different.

Flash should avoid (virtually) everything, since it is 100% evasion.