Time sucking 'hobby' - Epic Fantasy Shattering Dreams

Evening all,

So I’ve been a little busy of late, all the important things… the day job that earns me money to live, doing that WD thing. Also, I did this:

‘They’re blessed with wealth and cursed to become heroes… or monsters. If you like perilous magic, royal intrigue, and tales of betrayal and friendship, then you’ll love Catherine M. Walker’s epic fantasy adventure.’

My apologies for posting using my baby Alt account… (my main might have been ‘temporarily’ banned 2 months ago for calling someone a hypocrite and saying support is useless… both of which still stand… lmao)

So any other writers/authors in the WD world?

:eyes: I wonder how long it will take for this account to be banned as well?


I write :slight_smile:

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I write as well but then my post gets closed :cry:

But it’s ok :blush:
I’ve taken up drawing. So excited!


waits for thread to get closed

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Nice, what do you write?

lmao… so you’re writing a graphic novel?

I write whatever, I’ve written a horrible story on dragons, the apocalypse, < kinda like Mad Max.
Another novel about the Zombie Apocalypse, one about a struggling war veteran… that ones very… graphic.
An one chapter story about assassins.
Another about the scifi apocalypse again (planet colliding with ours)
And one about a girl and her dragon.
All are published on another site (won’t advertise it.)
The zombie apocalypse is my latest and finished novel. I’m currently/was but have been busy, working on a novel about a high school student (relates to me I guess?) that meets a boy, their both struggling and bullied, and decide to run away.

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I’m open to most subjects and like trying new things, though I love fantasy, fiction, anything uncommon today :))