Time the event starts


I would like to know what time the events start in your country, can inform me the time and time of the zone “GMT” ( Greenwich Mean Time) thanks in advance


Usually starts at 4-5 PM USA EASTERN TIME GMT-5


Implying that events actually start on time?

Im EST so usually some time after 5pm


5est unless delays


It’s manually started by pg, usually they target 2 pm Pacific (5 pm eastern) but many times it’s started hours before or hours after.

The vast majority of the time it’s between 2 and 2:15 pm Pacific.

Also this is asked a lot so don’t forget to use the search function in the forums.

EDIT: UTC/GMT should be 10:00 pm currently.


I’m not sure why the hell we can’t have Island with countdown?
Almost every game have it…
It’s super annoying,especially for Europeans


a ticket reply is going round saying event starts later than usual…


In western Europe it’s normally around 11pm so European players can also have fun, participate and use their resources. But… usually there is a PG problem (yes, one of many) and the event starts hours later, way after midnight. Meaning that by the time you wake up, hundreds of players have already attacked your base, stolen all you got and you can forget about scoring points during the event. I noticed that a lot of my European friends just don’t participate in events anymore, since it’s useless to try. Another thing PG has to work on (yes, one of many)… :frowning:


what about me!!! almost 4 am


Or Central Asians such as Mongolians


Hate there’s not a count down timer or buffer for these stupid events. Save resources and wait on training, miss the random start time by 20 min and everything is gone. Not worth playing the way into is


Oh dear! Poor you :sweat::hugs:
Well…at least your war start not at 3 am :joy_cat:


Yeah. So war is reasonable to start on 8am on workdays.:man_shrugging:


i don’t stay up for war… impossible!!!


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