Time to Lose Ascension Tokens - change is needed

Time for PG to lose the ascension token concept. I am a F2P who grinds out mythics every season and always reached the 8th team prize and higher because its all about the sigils. The disadvantage of not achieving/gaining the exotic runes for our mythic dragons is quite significant.

Whilst the P2P flyers fund game development and server hosting, the numbers of F2P will continue to decline if the gap is not reduced between the two styles. We, the F2P flyers need enough of an incentive to continue to grind and for that to occur is a medium chance of staying competitive with those that P2P.

Before I get shot down, the activity of F2P is high because we have to be. If ratio of F2P v P2P declines too far then you will get less active opposition. Atlas battles and raids are more enjoyable when there is someone actively defending and/or counter attacking. It is all about the challenge.

A balance is needed to ensure there is enough benefit and advantage for paying flyers versus enough incentive for F2P to continue to grind it out. At the moment there is not one and it is degrading the gaming experience fo reveryone, P2P and F2P alike.


I’m in the same boat as you, as free to play. But I have no problems getting at least the exotic rune. The only advice that is save all your chests and don’t open any after the beginning of the season 2 week discount lines are over. I only open my chests at the start of the season and then don’t open any until the start of the new season. And save all your rubies for super sigil chests at the end of the season to use for draconian chests. Draconian chests give me always enough pvp resources to last all season.

Using this strategy I’m able to complete the both discount lines, finish at least 2 full priced lines, and finish the festive.

Maybe this isn’t for everyone :man_shrugging:t2:But it works for me and I never have to worry about finishing a mythic every season


But he is not talking about mythic. He is talking about Ascension Token.
the current mythic is no longer viable without equipping exotic rune/glyph.
That’s the op’s point.


I would actually recommend using the 600 draconics during discount, golds only during dual armory (assault), and rubies for super sigils to ensure you finish draconics. I’m E2P and have gotten both exotics for one of the mythic dragons 2 seasons in a row.

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I’m not a fan either on the expensive requirements to also need the subsequent Exotic Runes that come with the mythic. I am no longer simply getting the dragon, but all their added stuff too in the hopes that it will fulfill my needs!

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That’s not true though. The mythics are absolutely viable without their exotics. The problem is that there is a noticeable difference between one with and without, particularly with the hunters. It also seems like an excuse to put out dragons that are weaker than they should be and use that exotic as a way to adjust it to where it would have been before exotics existed.
(also why the hell do we not get any rune dust with the exotics to level them?)

When they first came out the impact of exotics was minimal so it didn’t actually matter that much. However, we are now seeing exotics being made to have more of an impact. High attack boosts for the hunters and lower cd times for key spells. Others however still do little (or give the wrong boost for a warrior)

But yes, I would like to see ascension tokens done away with or at least not be used to get exotics. Like I’ve said before, dragon skins should have been able to change the element of the dragon. This is what ascension tokens should be for. Offer up 3 skins, each that would change the dragon’s element to something else and have the leaderboard skin that fills in the 5th element. This would help remove the issue people have when mythic elements overlap or when they need a dragon of a specific element. It wouldn’t give any kind of stat advantage but it would give an earned advantage for things like TR and CC.


Already follow this approach, most chests are opened during the two week discount period.
As I said, I always get the mythic dragon and I am already set for next season. Plan in advance for the long term game.

Every season I finish the Mission (to 100% boost), Base, Mythic Dragon, Festive (drac chests) and Towers (timers and resources) branches. This time round this approach only netted 7 ascensions tokens. Before the ascension tokens were introduced, the mythic runes etc were included when unlocking the mythic dragon. This is a step backwards in my opinion. I would need to do another dragon line for no real benefit outside of working towards the said exotic runes.

Why a dragon line unless you want a 2nd mythic (which is a major problem but not directly related to this topic).

Im E2P and each season I do

  • BB
  • Discount dragon
  • Mission Boost
  • Archmage/Electrum
  • A 20th key from somewhere else like the rider or resurrection dragon
  • 2nd full cost tower line
  • Festive
    Then Dracs and maybe a 5th line (spell rider) using sigil chests.

That gets me 9 asc tokens before sigil chests come out and still am able to put 7-12k into each trading post. Saving is very important but also so is your event participation and team activity.

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Base +2
Mythic dragon +2
Festive +1
Total: 5

“Tower” branches
Oculus +1
Orrery +2
Electrum +2

If you did 2 of the 3 “tower” branches you would at min get 3 from them - that takes you to min 8 tokens - I have no idea how you ended on 7. 8 tokens will get you the rune.


Me too I have gotten a mythic every season since calavor

I mentioned this in the summer season thread but I think, since the mythic dragon gets more powerful runes anyways, that giving the legendary dragon the standard epic, legendary, and mythic runes that it normally gets and replacing the mythic dragons runes with legendary, mythic and exotic runes would ensure that every player that gets a mythic dragon gets one free exotic rune. The ascension tokens can still exist but they would only be for skins and maybe a single exotic glyph or extra chests.
Maybe including gear (different from the Atlas season) in the ascension branch would also be beneficial in improving dragon strength, although this may come with its own problems.

You’re on the right track with this, Aussie. Without a doubt, coming from a well-meaning enthusiast of this game, Ascension Tokens were a very detrimental release that should never have seen the light of day. They make the very things that surge dragon power hard to obtain, and in consequence, bring forth a huge gap in power between one player’s dragon and another of the same specimen. This is also certainly something that could be looked at as power creep.

A viable solution would either be to dispose of them entirely and revert back to the previous state of affairs, or rearrange season branches such that Ascension Tokens correspond with the actual unlocking of the mythic, and that way, the recipient has everything at hand to claim the extra treasures for more balanced competition. Currently, there is a massive edge over a vast majority that this allows a smaller minority to get. As delicately and precisely as I can put it, here is the bottom line: with the tokens existing in this game, it’s not equal gameplay, nor is it fair.


Have to agree with most about the Ascension Tokens, either remove them from Seasons, or use them more reasonably to allow players to finish Mythic Branch.

Who put the Mythic Branches together btw? Like for whoever did it, to really look closely at how you put it together…Can you honestly say it makes any sense given the amount of Ascension Tokens needed?

:woman_facepalming: Am out before become UnChained :neutral_face:

this is the first season where rune dust wasn’t really implemented in prizing, trading post, and mystery pop up branches…maybe this week we get some dust

They actually added a lot more rune dust into the ascending dragon lines this season for the 2 different sets of runes If you didn’t level the legendary dragon’s runes up or even dusted them then there was a decent amount… but still not nearly enough to level the exotics. They could at least include 10m rune dust when we unlock an exotic. It would be pretty rediculous if we claimed the exotics and then didn’t have the rune dust needed to level them.

indeed…the way pricing goes up and prizes diminish, runes and glyphs should be maxed already for at least 1 mythic.

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I agree but for one thing… i.e. about change… after all PG just changed up to this new Season structure and as result we’ve lost too many long term players and stalwart Teams to make the game worth playing much at all. As for me having this account since 2018 and so far only got two Seasonal Mythics Quazar and Nocmar and that’s it! Couldn’t even get Nocmar’s golden skin due to excessive demand for Ascension Tokens. My Main has been playing since Day One and although helped make this game has never gotten a Seasonal Mythic.

Sadly I think it’s the end for me! The only change that might help this Game is if Pocket Gems would turn it over to someone who appreciates loyal customers and is grateful to have such a following. Come on, if there’s no incentive for old timers like me to keep playing what incentive is there for new?

The joy is gone… Life sucked out of dry, stale, old, Dragon bones… with the only reason to play what amounts to a glorified screen-scroller being the social interaction with friends online… now PG has all but chased everyone away… Time to throw in the towel and hang up the reins & fly no more! :sunglasses:


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