Time to make you hungry share recipes

I’m making poppy seedless chicken
-chicken breasts
-sour cream
-can of cream of chicken
-lemon juice
-ritz crackers (what I use?
-butter melted for topping

Procedure boil chicken breasts:

When finished boiling shred chicken breasts:
In now mix sour cream 16oz and cream of chicken with shredded chicken mix well:

Two squirts(or more depending on taste) lemon juice then mix again to give even flavor

Preheat oven to 350: then pour the mixed shredded chicken in casserole dish spread evenly

Top with crushed Ritz crackers then pour out your melted butter for coating

Put in oven bake 20-30 mins

Remove let cool 5 mins and enjoy

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I did not read that as poppy :see_no_evil::joy:

But sounds yummy!

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It requires poppy seeds to be called poppy seeds that’s why I call it poppy seedless chicken

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