Time to Say bye

It has been an absolute pleasure lurking around here for a long time hiding from my boss at work :joy::joy: a great pleasure to have met people like mech , crisis , hwrd , orca , morreion and many more I am forgetting to mention . I have been thinking a lot and I am willing to start leaving the game once and for good , but everything slowly like quitting smoking (which I did btw two years ago - smoke free now ) . I wanted to say bye to the community first , and lock myself out of here . @moderators please suspend my account from here please

I dunno if I can keep following things here but need a long break before my neurons get all burnt :joy: . You can find me in game for a while if need me , but doubt u will :face_with_monocle:

P.s : @PGawal make the game good please . I trust u :muscle:


Best of luck to you and very sorry to see you go. May we meet again.


Sayonara :wave: Eff
Best of luck for your future endeavours

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All the best for you!

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is overrated. :frowning:

you’re leaving…

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The break did me well :joy: not ready to give up the game tho :pleading_face:


hope u decide to come back sometime.

but i really think you should put that in somewhere else… -i still p2w, just to make my play hours short enough and to keep playing with my buddies, but… i’ve lost mine long ago in dev teams.

Reason why I’m still here is mainly for the family already built in this game so …