Time to update Atlas! 🥺

PG needs to reinvigorate Atlas and soon. Complete resets, seasons resets, etc. all feel like ARE non starters and that means building upon what is already there in a constructive way by dangling carrots and not sticks. Incentive to get and keep valuable land becomes the stick. Failure to defend means the enemy takes away your goodies.

PG needs a small but high end land grab with new T6 castles. Roughly 400 castles not including NML zones is what I calculated based on motivating D1 teams to migrate with enough tension to keep them fighting for resources. 80% of these castles should be easily accessible without having to create a long string of bubbles to attack. The last 20% would be the most highly prized castles out of the bunch.

Castle guards should be either completely eliminated or fixed to scale correctly AND give substantially LESS glory to reduce incentive to trade guards once some stability is reached on all T6 castles only.

T4s should stop giving full glory once the new land is occupied and follow the standard glory band rules. T5 and T6 should always give full glory. PG should stick to the current rules and not allow new teams below Sap into Atlas as part of this revamp and allow the castle less clans the chance to pick up some T2s.

Feel free to pick this idea apart but you better have really solid alternatives to propose instead.

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If this implies taking away what people already have, I disagree . You can’t reset things when money is involved. Imagine the amount of people who would get 1000’s of dollars worth of refunds because of the reset? That causes a huge loss in the pockets of PG. When you implement a mechanic, and allow people to work hard for years to be on top, and than pull the rug out from under them and strip them of all progress, I can’t imagine the repercussions. Does atlas need a Change? Yes. Do I agree with resetting? Absolutely not. I didn’t work this hard for my team for everything we earned to be gone .

As much as I love CG swaps , I will agree with this sentiment… it’s definitely exploited. :sob: hard to say that because CG swaps can give you 1000+ chests, but I will agree haha.

I feel like this is already current? I can only think of hm… maybe 3-4 T4’s that absolutely nobody wants because of location. Maybe I’m not understanding . In what ways are people discouraged from getting and keeping valuable lands? Aside from location. :slight_smile: genuinely curious! Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

How would you feel about introducing the T6’s without a reset? It’s basically the same as a reset without removing people’s hard earned progress. It would Cause teams to start fighting once again, because all top teams would be hitting T6’s and everyone would be looking to gain more quality castles (upgrading). Haven’t thought out the repercussions of this, just throwing out some ideas. :slight_smile:

Always fun having convo with you Hwrd the cat God. :cat2:

I think I read the top part wrong. I think we are on the same page about not doing resets ? … sorry it’s early and my brain isn’t on yet :blush:

I’ve made some edits above. I’m not proposing that we take anything away from anyone in Atlas. The idea can be summarized as creating a new tier with modifications that encourages the top teams to migrate to new castles and be forced to defend them frequently.

Someone might want those broken T4s if they followed glory bands like T3 and T2.


See, it used to be that way and than we started running into issues of smaller teams holding onto valuable land and than hiding behind the glory scaling. (I assume that’s what glory bands are?— glory scaling) It made the valuable land become not valuable at all because the glory wasn’t worth a :poop:. I was actually a big fan of the 100% glory scaling on all T4’s and T5’s. To own the best things you should have to compete against the best teams, and both teams should benefit from this exchange.
It wouldn’t be fair for small teams to own the valuable land, reap the benefits, and for the attacker to earn next to nothing .

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I’m suggesting the glory scaling simply moves upwards. T6 and T5 remain 100% glory targets. T4 and down follow the same rules as NML. In other words, there should be no reason for a level 606 to be sniping or targeting a T4 castles when there are juicy T5s and easily accessible T6s to hit.


Agreed 100%. :blush:

Although, this would only be a temporary fix. Eventually , once everyone settled into the new Tiers, what’s to stop stagnation again?

Honestly, if they had any intentions of fixing Atlas, it would have been done a long time ago.

I really think they are just in a “don’t break it any worse than it is” mode with Atlas now. The main game has so many of its own problems, anything one way or the other in Atlas could have drastic, unintended changes in the main game, negating all of the changes they’re “supposedly” working on.

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The 400 castle number was carefully chosen not to be enough for all of D1 to be satisfied. They should want to fight over those castles on a regular basis. Eliminating castle guards and 80% of them being easily accessible should reduce the level of effort required to mount up a successful take over.

I can’t do anything about the current 5TA dominance. It would be up to the players to build a successful counter alliance again.

So is 400 a shortage? Is that correct? Putting out only 400 so that it’s fought over more often since there’s a shortage?

I have pretty strong opinions on that as I’m sure folks are aware… I think the current response to the boycott is a puppet dance to distract without impacting the current spending and economy in any way.

However I feel about the game, I can’t sit and watch PG contemplating the idea of revamping Kingdom Wars while completely ignoring Atlas. A carefully controlled and revamped land grab should not impact things in a super disruptive way unless they tamper too much with the rewards for owning castles.

In fact, I would expect them to PG it up bigly by scaling the rewards down. In order to get what you used to have, teams will have to get and keep T6s instead of sitting pretty on T5s.

Yes. If PG wanted to create exactly 625 T6 castles and let all of D1 own 25 each then things would stagnate. Get your castles, collect tribute, and take a long good nap. That wouldn’t smart IMHO.


I gtg to work, I’ll be back when I’m on break to continue the convo with you! lol. :joy: cya soon cat God.

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Oh I agree with you on their supposed changes, I think. Honestly, it’s all smoke and mirrors, they allow the playerbase to recommend the changes, they spend weeks “PGing” them, then turn them loose on the players. Eventually the players will realize they’ve been “PG’d”, yet again, and once the players get sick enough of it, they’ll wash, rinse and repeat the whole process again.

I honestly don’t expect anything to change to the advantage of the player, only to the payer, as it’s the payers that finally got a response from PG. Players have been recommending changes to this game since I’ve been playing, almost 3 years now( yes I’m that stupid that I haven’t quit yet) and they’ve been almost entirely ignored, or if they have been enacted, they push something out that is halfassed and not at all what the players wanted, but what PG understood the players to want (cause come on, they don’t really play their own game) and that continued to make them money, if not increased their revenue.

Yes, it’s time Atlas is fixed. Yes, it’s time the entire game got fixed. But, it ain’t gonna happen. They’ll slap another band aid on it, call it a new feature, and in 6 months, fix the bugs that it created.

no aspect of the game is broken
working as intended


Well, I feel better anyway.

None of my suggestion threads or ideas were ever read by a decision maker but at least I can honestly claim that I tried when we get a band aided KW update while Atlas rots away like a lost corpse.


Yes, you have tried, as have many before you, as will many after you (feel like I’m in Battlestar atm).

New castle tiers would be interesting, but in order to do so, especially to add that many higher tier castles, they’ve have to add a massive amount of land with an even more massive amount of lower tiered castles. Or, as much as I hate to admit it, wipe Atlas clean, castle ownership wise, and let the land grab start completely over.

Not the way I envision it. This would be a compact space. All T6s with just enough NML zones to permit access. No T5 or anything lower. I’m talking like the Hamptons of Atlas. If you don’t have a beach side castle, you are not part of the “in” crowd. Doesn’t have to be 400 castles either. Lets make it 150 for starters. Freaking exclusive. Like driving a Bently in Odessa Texas. Everyone notices. :slight_smile:

Having new t6 land (or some type of atlas reset) would result in a lot of action to start with. But eventually it would be like atlas is now with castles changing hands rarely.

What’s really needed is to make conquering castles far more valuable than holding them. Give people an incentive to conquer rather than be happy with the status quo. Making it a bit easier to conquer castles would help as well.

But this would probably result in people doing castle swaps rather than just guard swaps :sob:

Ah, “Spender’s Island”.

If it keeps the servers on a little longer, :man_shrugging: