Timeout on defensive boosts (Sword & Shield)

I still see teammates throwing swords & shields way too early on defenses and wanted to send out a communication to help out. I’ve read a few threads* & saw a video that talk about defense boosts only lasting a short time period, but cannot find a time to communicate to my team. Does anyone have any sort of close number to how long they last? How would we actually know when it’s boosted or not outside of the animation sequence when dropped?


*Defending tools
*Defense weapons in wars


It’s somewhere betwen 7-10 seconds, i forget the exact number

Gunpowder turns tower orange, when it wears off they lose their orange color
Shields put a visible shield around the tower, when it wears off the shield disappears

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I think it’s a bit longer, 12 seconds if I’m not mistaken. But easy to time for yourself by looking at what Mech said.


I’ve also heard that dumping another boost on a boosted tower wastes the second boost since it doesn’t reset the timer for boost length :eyes:


Thank you Mech, Morreion, & Liz – I’ll try to time it and post my findings this morning.

I’m going to do more timing, but so far I’ve seen 7-8s, 10s, and 15s mixed Swords or shields. I’m sure there’s some lag involved in the mix, so I’ll time a few more to get a better idea.


Thank you for mentioning that. I remember reading that but forgot to add it into my email draft :slight_smile: Very useful info

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I see a lot also. I’ve found deploying the boost and shield when the dragon is one island away works well and dropping the 1st hammer as soon as it squares up (on turn islands) usually puts the first rebuild on as the first shots hit. This


I’m getting about 10s with a stopwatch, from the pillars rising to the sky to the orange fading.

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I’d try to time each individually.
But that sounds approximately correct.

I was wondering if they lasted for different times, but seeing about the same when measured individually. I’m certainly going to be watching it & timing them more closely once I’m off work & can focus a bit more :slight_smile:

It feels like there’s another factor, like lag, that’s affecting the times since they’re not all the same.

More results coming.

Edit, after about 20 more defends, it’s feeling more consistent around 12s for shields (my only focus.)
Edit 2, Gunpowder is timing reliably at 12s as well.


I always thought it was 12 seconds so I’m glad your empirical evidence agrees. Thank you for testing this!!


Sometimes I do it to get into a rhythm, I know that may sound kooky, but it’s a timing thing, right?

Or they are base owners are showing where the hot spot is or where the strongest towers are not everyone remembers every base or steady looks at the name

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