Timer Missions Update - Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions about the new Timer Missions feature here!

Link: Year of the Player Update #5

Timer Mission Details:


Very good decision to include the timer and egg mission boosts into the same line, kudos. :+1:

Now make the missions give both eggs and timers for a slightly higher ruby reset cost and this addition will actually be useful!


Definitely agree that the missions need to be combined to give both eggs and timers instead of choosing one or the other.

Glad the timer boost is being added onto the egg boost, I just dont known if Ill bother doing them over egg missions


This was what Orca had recommended in a previous post … lumping the bonus into one branch with toggling. Thank you for listening. :hugs::hugs::hugs:




So…can we see where the number of minutes came from? The calculations? Formulas?


will you guys increase the cost of the mission bonus line next season?..It seems like something you would do

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Why so pessimistic? :thinking:

Lol Sam really

What? I seen some positive changes … maybe it’ll be an ongoing trend :smile:

Because its PG…

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Can’t disappoint me if my expectations are always low :upside_down_face:


You realize there’s someone at PG reading this right now and saying “Hold my beer…”


It’s nice the lines are combined but Having to choose between egg tokens & timers? Kind of ruins what could be a very nice new feature for the ENTIRE player base…This is going to make a lot of players just ignore it. :roll_eyes:
They should be separate but able to claim
Both for different missions or combined and if anything just longer duration & slightly higher ruby cost.

But I’m sure End gamers with nothing to breed & loads of tokens will appreciate the new feature.


End-gamers don’t grind, they buy. So I’m honestly not sure who this is going to help.


I am pleased that the mission branch is now combined, but am already concerned about what this means for next season… Will the branch now be the same size but for twice as much?

I’m looking forward to this. Thank you for the update. What will this mean for next season’s branches?

Since the Egg Token Bonus branch is now providing more value than originally planned, and in order to not devalue the early adopters, we will not be making any pricing adjustments to the branch.

While you will be able to do timer or egg missions, saying it’s more is a bit of a stretch since you can’t do both simultaneously. It’s just an option to do one or the other.


What exactly are the payouts?

probably 1, 3 and 15 min timers. :laughing:



WTF I’m gonna do with 1,3, and 15 min timers🤣 @Crisis unless you guys are doing minimum 1hr timers you are just wasting time🤣 I don’t need a billion 1 min timers

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