Timer Missions VS Egg token missions - What should I do?

*Hi all , many people pm me to put this somewhere that wont be lost in comments * So here is something that might help you choose

Before you start choosing timer/ egg mission consider these factors :slight_smile:

  • Your current level :
  1. ** Sub 360 ** - if you are under 360 , the timer missions don’t have any significant value compared to tokens about your progression . I still think that being ahead with breeding is better than being outleveled . So better get as many tokens as possible cause u get many by missions and breed/ research a lot

  2. ** from 360-400** - well here things are still debatable , personally I think for this group tokens are still a better option but some find timers useful due to lots of evolving to do .

3 . ** 400-442** - hmm yeah here things become interesting , most people like me have finished empyreans and are looking into abyssal tier , but since getting a dragon that I wont be able to use till lvl 442 to evolve , I preferred to do timers over tokens . Main reason was to get me an extra level ( or 2) cause things here get a little tough with the leveling but it didn’t take me far .

** 442 + ** - in this group you probably are sitting over piles of tokens or maybe not , timers would definitely be a better choice till u end up being end game

This forti I reached 437 and I have been grinding timers since the very first day they released them but yesterday I switched again into tokens cause I was / am still very low on tokens . Also due to season planning and saving stuff for next season , If I am not wrong this fall season ends with a forti ( will do only minimum for 1.2k sigils ) and probably the new winter season will have breeding in week 2 .


125% bonus and empyrean balloon TIMER MISSIONS VS TOKEN MISSIONS

------------TIMER MISSIONS --------------
so daily I can do for sure 14 *1h mission , 3 * 4 h missions and 1 * 20h mission , translated in timers

14 * 446min = 6244 min
4 * 892min = 3568 min
1* 1782 = 1782 min

so in 24hours :
6244 min+3568 min+1782 min = 11594 mins x day

from fort-fort = 28 days so

11594 mins *28 = 324632 mins =5410.53 hours = 225 days

---------------EGG MISSIONS------------

so daily I can do for sure 14 *1h mission , 3 * 4 h missions and 1 * 20h mission , translated in tokens

14 * 150 - > 2100
4 * 298 --> 1192
1 * 594 --> 594

so in 24 hours 3886 tokens

from breeding - breeding 28 days

28 *3886 --> 108808 tokens—>108.8k tokens

so in 28 days of grinding a player if does timers vs missions can get 225 days or 108.8k tokens

IS 225 DAYS WORTH OF TIMERS EQUAL TO 108.8 K TOKENS ? this is up to you to choose however **Timer missions are in beta so this may change **

Hope you find this helpful

Cheers , Eff


Probably just an addition.
It’s NOT advisable to grind timers using rubies, unless you have both Elite account and Seasonal Boost.

For a comparison, Super Speedup packs provides 455h worth timers for 5,900 rubies, which is better than speeding up 1h mission without either of them (450h timers for 6,000 rubies at most).


Thank you so much for the advice @Eff & @OrcaFrost

I’m timers all the way at the moment at lvl 379 with 2 empyrean eggs :egg: yet to hatch :cry:

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Any suggestion to farm timers?
I’m at lvl 391 now, should I buy speed up pack from forge? Should I speed up 2days timers at forge with rubies?

I will continue doing timer missions instead of egg token.
Also atlas rider missions will be focused on timers :stopwatch:

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