Timers and a Note about the Tower Branch

Hi everyone - this is a note from our season designer about the Electrum Tower branch. We did adjust things due to some concerns brought up on the forums and via the GPF - thank you so much for your feedback and patience as we worked to create a plan that we thought the community could get behind.

Like previous tower branches, we plan for this to be a full-length branch with 6 Season Keys in it.

We will have equal or more timers in this branch vs the last season’s tower branch, which will maintain this branch as the best source for timers.

However, the overall value of this branch will be reduced somewhat and approximately 50% of the timers will now be placed in choice nodes along with Electrum Bars. Likewise, for those seeking to maximize Electrum, this branch will have equal to or more than last season. Players can choose the resource they currently have the greatest need for, they just won’t be able to maximize both, while the overall value of the branch is brought down to be more in line with other full branches.


This will be here next season right?

I regret getting that garbage dragon Omrios with a bunch of timers now because I’m impatient :sob:


I got the rider :joy: technically both the tower and dragon boosted and it’s still worth it so that’s why I planned next season as a resource grab for timers and eggs.


You needed Chunk to belly flop on you until the tower branch info was released … Chunk failed you!


No, I failed :chunk: :sob:


Im buckling up and waiting for the rage from people that claimed Omiros already for timers :popcorn:


Technically both are still good combined so they have nothing too whine about unless they complain about it not adding up.


Is it primarily a choice between timers and electrums or will there be a significant number of timers that are choices along with gold chests?

Will there be anything added to the line for the increased cost from 36k to 37k sigils?
It is a bit concerning that they’re claiming to be reducing line value while simultaneously increasing the line cost. Especially since last season we saw an all time low amount of timers in the tower line.

Im fine with the Timer vs Electrum choice but if most of the gold chests are also timer vs gold choices then that is going to be an issue

Also will there be any kind of a rss boost on the week 8 tower line?


That’s great! Was worried about the branch having less timers :relaxed:

Thanks for confirming Gal and with time to spare to allow players to make a choice - as you had said you would do your best to commit to. Also appreciate the tidbits of insight you provided into why this announcement could not have been made earlier.


That was the first thing that popped into my head as well.


Wtf, you all said omiros was where the timers are and the tower branch wouldn’t have a bunch of timers. I completed the Omiros branch but wouldn’t have had you not said that.


Will you share your popcorn with me like Yukon does? Please?


Thats why you should always wait as things are subject to change. There was no rush, as the boost on Omiros lasted 2 weeks.


@PGGalileo Drakul Pylon branch in fall season has 195 gold chests if I always choose gold chests for choice nodes, but still have 1590 12H timers. In your statement here, you only mentioned timers. What about gold chests?


Ghost of Amalia: Never trust anything before it’s actually released OoOoO :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:




This is 100% money grab. Will PG be offering a way for them to take back Omi and get return the resources from that line? Timers have been in the electrum for the past 2 seasons and it was specifically stated by PG that Omi was the line to get the timers and they would be NOT be in electrum branch. I would have been happy to choose between what I needed in electrum branch between timers and electrums, but to post the change 1 week into 2 week bonus seems like a money play. Yes player feedback and GPF played into this change and glad PG is listening, but how this played out leaves a very salty taste for players. Or should we just wait until end of season and hope we understand all the changes that are being made? Or just spend to get both plus what ever else is in our original plan :face_with_monocle:


This though… If people knew there were discussions about the tower branch after complaints occurred (as communicated by Galileo), and the boost lasted for 2 weeks anyways and fort wasn’t till week 8, which coincides with when the tower branch was coming out - why would you rush?

What use do you have for the timers right now? The only viable reason to rush to me would be to get your mythic sooner, but is that the case for everyone?