Timers and event keys

Is there any way that they can give us an option to share event keys. Also timers to help teammates with upgrades in fort events and also share dragons/levels

You can send each other iTunes/google play cards


Anything else is a no for me. Just gonna have one player get 38 keys and give 19 to someone else.


Leaves the door wide open to exploits.


No everyone on the team shares and helps out

So i can just get keys from like 3 alt and get another mythic for free without trying
Ehhh nope


I mean… if you’re using 3 alts to farm keys that’s kinda working for it :wink:.

Let’s say your teammate who you adore says they want to give you 19 keys so you can get a mythic. Said player is a hacker, but you didn’t know. Said player and you both get banned. Now you’re upset because you didn’t know said player was a hacker.

You can share itune/google play cards, but if the game allowed you to trade resources like timers or keys, there would be too many people hacking the game.

Alternatives could be helping your teammate plan their fort and teach them ways to get more timers like in atlas or which seasonal branch offers more timers. The same goes for season planning, teach them how to use the season planner and have them save for the mythic they are wanting.


The suggestion of being able to send resources other than food, lumber, and gold to your team mates has been brought up many, many times. It is natural to feel the urge to want to help your team mates, especially if you have a bounty of items, like healing potions for instance, and you know a team mate is running low on them.

However, if PG allowed such transfers to occur, the entire game economy would be trashed by players utilizing hacked accounts to send items to legitimate accounts. Such actions would ruin the game for everyone who plays by the rules. Would it be fair to ban accounts that received hacked items? If you say yes, how can you really trust that the person sending goods to you is a legitimate player? Would you gamble your account on that other player’s honesty?

Unfortunately, cheating is already fairly prevalent in the game. The good news though is that such cheaters are self-contained by the fact that they can’t ship their ill gotten goods to legitimate accounts. The leaderboards are always scrubbed of cheaters at the end of events before prizes are handed out. Until such time that PG can tighten the security enough to prevent such cheats in the first place, you will be unable to send any resource other than food, lumber, or gold to your team mates.

Here is a quote from one of the PG staff:

Hopefully in the future things will be different, but for now, you will have to content yourself with those resources that you can send.