Timers forge help

This is my first post couldn’t find anything anywhere else. What is best timer to forge and why
Thanks for input.

if you really don’t have anything to forge like healing potion or spells except speed ups, then go for 12 hours.


Full moon in summer. :star_struck:

Oh timer. Lol 12h have the best value.

Yeah 12h speed up.

@xXSugarWallsXx Then you’re either a low two digits player or really bad at math

Personally I would forge 12 hour speed ups. They’re more efficient to use during fortification events.

Thanks for the reply good to know

I can’t remember what level forge unlocks 3 hour and 12 hour, but I’m starting to think some low level players get thrown off because 15 minute timers are more efficient to forge than 1 hr (mathematically). That’s my guess as to why this question gets asked, at least. :man_shrugging:


Looks like Level 4

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