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Can timers time to make in forge be changed like for like say 12 hour timers takes 12 hours to make 24 hours takes 24 hours that sort of thing because as it is now making one 12 hour timer per day is no good seems pointless like a drop in the ocean of what’s needed to be of any use to players. When it comes to fortification events as they come around to often.

I’m only a mid level player breeding castle takes like a month and a half to be ready to use same as incubator. The higher level players must struggle even more with this time scaling on there towers and baseses. As it it now we can make 360 twelve hour timers a year ohh wait it’s less as they take longer than 24 hours to make.

please can you look into making the forging option of the game more useful to us by putting the time to forge ratio like for like at least. Or even halved with research.

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This is one of the big differences between having and not having Atlas. Of course I don’t know whether you do or not. The easiest way to get timers in modern WD is to participate to the best of your ability in the Atlas events. Every prize tier rewards you with 1 hour timers. It doesn’t seem like much, but they do stack up. I am also what some people might term “mid level” (maybe lower-mid, 184). Last fort I burned through about 400 12 hrs and 800 3hrs + the random 1 and 2 day timers from event rewards. I was still left with about 22,000 1hr timers, nearly 3 years. I use the damn things for just about everything; infrastructure upgrades, speeding forge, primarch summoning/training, egg incubation…and never come close to running out. I’ve stopped forging timers quite a while ago in favor of spell equips; but if you feel you need the timers, forging the longer timers (24, 48) is actually more efficient.

Yes I’m around level 200 now don’t have atlas and take part in every event to the best of my ability just can’t get enough timers at all. burned through all I had this fortification event stoped in my tracks on the second day of event 0 timers left and wow you have 22k timers left still :scream:

I saved all I could and can only take part in say 2 or 3 fortification events per year I’m a none spender elite account only I only make 12 hour timers in forge most 1 hour timers 3 hour timers I have ever been able to collect is 1k of each and 300 12 hour timers I just feel it’s part of the game that could be improved on. Ever player I talk to says the same thing 0 timers left it’s part of the game I think it could and should be better

Unfortunately, at lvl 200 you really need Atlas to keep up; given that mean wait for a rollout or change team.

I wouldn’t say they are worth it, it takes some players 2 years to get an investment back on them when considering the time needed to upgrade forge from 5-7. I think @Lx460 said it best and explained the math in an earlier post. Which I can’t find to save my life? Myar have been someone else, anyways maybe they know, I’ll quote them below.

In short they are not very cost effective. As it goes I only forge heal potions ATM but would love for them to reduce 24h and 48h :timergold: to (24h timer) = 12h to forge and the (48h timer) to be 24h to forge.
I haven’t calculated anything but I know it takes forever to get a return on investment and I believe PG should reduce forge time to make the bigger timers.

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@BattIeBeard is absolutely right that if your goal is to be (or remain) competitive in the game, the only way to do this is through Atlas. A L30 dark flak takes approx 14 days to level (without research). This goes up to 20 days at L40, 44 days at L50 and 57 days at L60. If you think you have it rough now, it’s only going to get worse, as you can only forge so many timers between build events (even if you don’t use any, ever, for any other purpose). Even marginal effort in Atlas will provide an exponential increase in timers.

And it’s not only about clocks. The disparity between Atlas gear versus the gear that can be obtained with the seasonal riders is very significant. A defensive rider with upgraded Atlas gear can increase the AP and HP of towers it buffs by 100%. An offensive rider with upgraded Atlas gear can increase the AP and HP of the dragon it buffs by 100%. Against a similar level opponent, your base with non-Atlas gear will be no match for a drag with Atlas gear, and your drag with non-Atlas gear will be no match for a base with Atlas gear.

@Jonesy has written much on the forums on the unfairness of the 2-tiered system in the game, advocating that Atlas be made available to everyone so as to level the playing field. Until (if) that happens, the chasm between the have and have-nots will continue to grow. As this utopia is likely a long, long way off, you have a decision to make - Do you wish to be (or remain) competitive, in which case you should be moving to a team with Atlas, or are you more content to remain in a team without Atlas, where I assume you are enjoying the social aspects of the game? Keep in mind that these are not mutually exclusive. The best of both worlds is out there. Might be time for you (or a group of you) to make a move.

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I am not forging timers, cant get nowhere near enough

But I do think that teams without Atlas are in some form of purgatory
Do I think it is fair? no
Do I think all teams deserve Atlas? no, already too messy

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