Timers in Atlas

With the new update that is in progress, I have heard a lot of complaints about the 30% reduction in timers. Would PG consider either of the below options, maybe both?

  1. Increase the drop rate of 1hr timers from bronze chests
  2. Increase the quantity of 1hr timers per drop from bronze chests

I personally think this would be a fair compromise.

Increase in lieu of what though from bronze chests?

I am suggesting that the number of 1hr timers be increased by frequency or quantity, they are already found in bronze chests so nothing needs to be added or removed.

Reverse the change. One of the huge attractions of Atlas mini events is all the timers. Great for building, breeding, expediting castle upgrades, and troop builds. Diamonds cannot do all these things so it is not an even swap. Either make a universal “currency” for speeding up everything, or PLEASE reverse the change.


Per the release notes of the 4.97 update Diamonds will be doing most of those things. Diamonds now speed up primarchs and can be used to summon them. Also Diamonds have always been an option to finish castle upgrades, just need a lot of them.
I don’t mind the change and this suggestion is just to give PG a pretty solid option to shift the 30% loss of timers to a new spot to save face with those that are outraged by it.

The problem with using diamonds for those functions is that the calculations for determining the cost is broken. Taking an hour off the time remaining can result in a HIGHER cost in diamonds…kinda the opposite of what should happen. Also, you’re gonna end up wasting a load of diamonds using them to speed up troops. 5 minutes and 55 minutes both cost 60 diamonds. 61 minutes and 119 minutes both cost 120 diamonds. Beyond 12 hours, you’ll find that the cost will randomly go up and down as the time remaining decreases.

I would suggest that PG simply reverse the timer reduction, but since they have already shown they dont give a duck about player happiness, they need to fix the calculations. Set an exact time to diamond cost, like 1 diamond=1 minute, instead of whatever broken system they currently have in place.


I have not used diamonds in about a month. I have about 36k. If a Diamond is roughly worth 1 minute, that means I have 25 days in time. At the start of a building event I usually have well over 300 days of timers. The math is off by a factor of well over 100.

So a 24 timer award should now be about 17 hours and 420 diamonds, not 17 hour timers and 7 diamonds

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I was only providing an example to show that there currently is NOT a set ratio to compare diamonds to timers, it is a fluctuating cost that makes no logical sense. I’m sure someone could figure out a fair diamond to time ratio, but I don’t have time to do the math right now.

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I doubt we will get that math from PG, but we can hope.

I’d like to see what a PG employee has to say about this. I just don’t understand how the reduction in timers lines up with their 2019 player happiness initiative.


not abad idea Soul. any thoughts from @PGJared or @Arelyna ?

If it ain’t broke, fix it 'til it is. :money_mouth_face:

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