Timers - running total

I would love to see timers TOTAL TIME added so we can see how many days, hours, and minutes we have overall. It is hard to add together those on my own.


I don’t know if there’s a War Dragons resource that does that, but you could search in “count how much time this is” into your browser or use a calculator.

People generally use the fortification planner for that I think. Would be nice to have an in game total too though.


Well, I will love to have a manual option where we can select how many timers of which type we want to use…Tapping on thousands of timers sometimes freeze the app. For say, I dont want to use 12 hrs speedups…instead of this, I want to use 15mins speedups which I have almost 20k…its frustrating to tap on over and over and over again…Is there any chance to implement this feature with auto select?!? :unamused:

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It makes no difference to me if it uses 15 minute speed ups or 12 hour ones as long as it doesn’t exceed the amount of timers required.


Just use auto select. The lower timer denominations are good for you, no point in hoarding 12h timers

If you have 100d of timers, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in 12h or 15m, it’s still 100d of timers - but in fact, the 15m timers would be far better in the grand scheme of things because you won’t end up wasting timers

E.g: 1d 19h left on a build, you’d have to use 4 12h to finish that, but you’d miss out on 5h - or, the 15m can finish it with no wasted time


As far as I know, the auto select uses the highest denomination of timers that you have and if it exceeds the time, it chooses the next timer up to the very last minute so long as you have it available in your inventory.

So a 2 day 16 hours 31 mins will use 5 x 12 hours, 1 x 3 hour, 1 x 1 hour, 1 x 30 minute and 1 x 1 minute will be used to complete it.

I’ve never been duped by it so far unless I don’t have a lower denomination for the timer and the game has no choice but to use it. Though it’s your fault if you used auto select knowing you are overspending timers to complete the building.