Timing for wars

Why wars are are beginning always at the same clock time? The europeans are always in disadvantage, 2am is no time to be awake.
You could take a war anytime, as far as you put some delay between declaring and beginning (example: 3 hours)

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This has been answered before in multiple other threads. Since a war is 24h long, a different start time makes no difference, other teams can still plan waves for while you are asleep. The standardised war start simply is just easier to remember.


I don’t agree, the first team able to make a big wave has more chances to win. So, if my first wave is made about 12h from the begining, i only can war very weaker yeams. I will be not able to do a war to change league :man_shrugging:t2:

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Not just the Europeans, We Indians have to wake up at 5:30 for that. Try playing with weak and sticky eyes with a dizzy headache.

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How about change the duration to 23h? The start would shift by 1h every day and everyone could have his window to start (credit to a team mate for the suggestion).

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Tell you what we do need is to is allow a sort Get set at the start of wars say 10mins After it starts (1:00-2:00) U.K. time

I say this because wars shouldn’t be so cheaply won. We had two teams declare on us and initially started there wave at 12:58

By the time they finished it was counted as a successful wave. That’s not how a war should be or start at the very least

@PGGalileo is there any way you can get this across to the team ? I’m all for war heck nature of the game but make it fair so teams that do this cannot any longer

We won one out of the two even after they held hands at the start with that pre-wave. If this tactic wasn’t there I believe we would of beaten them 101%

What better way to enjoy war than to go toe to toe than being so shit, the only way you win is with piss poor tactics like this one

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That’s not necessarily true anymore. That point was better established back in the day when defense points were the norm. Now that it’s measured in attempts, a well structured and undefended base can still yield the defending team an advantage even if no one is online to defend.

And yes, this question has been asked for 5 years. I don’t recall the “official” response but the 24 hour reason is a pretty solid one. Keep in mind that many teams that are asleep when wars start, are also online when the other team is sleeping ~12 hours later.

Just plan your attacks accordingly.

Please see your doctor. That is not normal.

Are you really serious? The declarer always have the advantage, being flames or attemps. So if your defender is sleeping you will have few attempts, and the only thing you have to do is wait to defend them. So, if you want to win only have one choice: don’t sleep and go to work zombie.
Half of the world always have the advantage of attacking in daylight and the other half have to attack in night. Not an even way to do that.
So, if you want to win a war without a headache there is only one thing you could do: migrate to america to do wars in daylight. What a solution… :roll_eyes:

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I have said it before war start time should be a strategic decision for the team declaring. For example you can pick any time for a war to start BUT you cannot start a war within the next 60 minutes (for example) that way you can pick it strategically but it does give your opponent some chance to prepare or panic…lol

On a purely technological level it would also spread the load on the PG servers, as regardless of if wars are 24 hours long or not every war I have been in, there is certainly a spike at the start!

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Hi @Markked0ne- sorry for being dense, can you ask this a different way? I’m not sure I understand the suggestion.

Sorry about that I tend to ramble :sweat_smile:

But currently you can declare a war and initiative a Planned wave Before the war actually starts. I don’t think this is fair and my suggestion is could we not get something is place to stop this from happening ? either By restricting wars to be declared so many hours before they actually start or the opposite for instance, declared war On team on Monday (war Officially begins Tuesday 1am) But cannot attack for a brief period of time.

Hope that makes it easier for you, i know your new here :grin: :+1:t2:

100% agree mate. Saw a lot of threads about this issue… Me also sent a ticket about it. For Europe and Middle Asia the time table is a complete disaster.

Not talking only for wars tough.
-The events start around midnight so if you are an excited player to run a lot of runs in the pvp, to help your teammates, than say bye to your sleeping schedule.
-Do you want to steal a few hundred thousands of lumber in the fortification before everybody just use all, and don’t wanna wait until the day 3, say goodbye…
-The events end around 4 am in the Europe. Hey buddy are you the guy who wants to make some wars in atlas immediately when the pvp finishes, to destroy the troops they created during the pvp, ho ho hooo you need to set your clock. Or just welcome to red eyes.
-You want to defend some bases they are all set to attack you at the very first minute of the war. PG: We love the song “no sleep”.

I am just having fun guys i know it’s probably not gonna be changed since this kinda threads are here for years. I could make this a song “sleepy dragons” or just a small poem but meeh… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is no longer the case. War attacks cannot even be made (you cannot look at the attack screen through the war page) before the war begins. And regular attacks made against the team you’re warring with no longer count as war runs.

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PG HQ is in California, USA. Why shouldn’t event and war times be based of their clock, so they can be around when SHTF? (Especially for events)

Having events at 2am (for example) their time makes zero sense.


But regular attacks count if your currently in one as the war activates. Before the war began shit like 20 secs after declaring we had player after player hit us, all green banners

When they finished there flames where awarded as a win

I kid you not this shit happened

You have to attack through the war system page in order for it to count as a war flight.

If this happened to you recently, ticket the sh*t outta that.

That cheap “fly before war actually starts strategy” USED to happen before the new war system was implemented. Because any attack against the team you’re warring with counted as a war attack.

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Not really relevant to the topic but nice portrait.

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Yeah I thought so too but somehow it was managed :man_facepalming:t2: I didn’t take the necessary SS that I’d need to send with a ticket but I will submit hoping they look into it. Can PG check runs n declared wars are that stuff? I don’t know :man_shrugging:

And yeah I remember this lil b*stard of a trick in my days in platinum :joy:

Thanks buddy think it was for being rank 1 in that event where you have to fly the oldies, like temple raid (only the temple part) but I forget the name.