Timing for wars

Yeah, assault, it’s just there are barely any out there cause almost all the other winners got perma banned the day the event ended and the portraits weren’t redistributed to the top legit player in each tier.


That actually makes sense :joy: I was in the top 10 for vanguard tier (think) and when the scoring finished It said first place, I took it as a glitch as all us having the same points

Now I know it was thanks to a lucky pan I got it :joy::call_me_hand:

This honestly isn’t the case at all. It’s about logistics and practicality when the HQ is located in West Coast USA.

And frankly, if it did move then anyone who wasn’t in “prime time” would complain anyway.

Sure it is. If it weren’t, why doesn’t it seem like they’re trying to do something for Asians and Europeans / Africans too?

Why not introduce a period between the declaration of war and the beginning of war and a possible hourly start to war?
Time span of eight hours - means: If you declare war at 13:58, it starts at 22:00 (always the next full hour plus eight hours).
Although that doesn’t really fix the problem, it’s a little improvement.

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Centralised times based upon the location of the company are very common in many games, not just WD. Plus in a 24h war, the other team can still war wave at the old war start time while you are asleep, your complaint would do nothing to help non American players.


Here’s a fun fact for everyone:(most) Americans sleep too, thus meaning you can war wave while they’re asleep.


The fixed time of the beginning of the war means for Central Europeans at 2 o’clock in the morning. In Asia it is 9 a.m. (Japan), in America it is 8 p.m. (New York).
This means that Central Europeans are often at a disadvantage when the war starts, as they usually sleep at 2 a.m.
This means that as soon as a large wave of attackers (I have seen all 50 flights at the same time) takes place, the defender is at a disadvantage because - as already mentioned - they often could not defend and as soon as countermeasures start, the attackers have the advantage to be largely through with their flights, without resistance, and only have to defend.

Let’s play the game the other way round: If the war for America (New York) is to start at 2:00 in the morning, the war starts at 8:00 in Central Europe, many people are already working there; 3 p.m. in Asia (Japan), many people are still working there.

But it is also welcome to postpone the start of the war monthly, one month 2 a.m. Central European time, one month 2 a.m. Asian time (Japan) and one month 2 a.m. (New York).
After it, let’s see how the general satisfaction is.


And it’s 11am my time in Sydney so I can’t often fly the start either, so instead, I pick a lull depending on the other teams Timezone or go in a smaller later wave, for example by 4-5pm here, almost all the Americans are off giving me an easy run through (not that my hau cares much about defenders). Also you claim that they get an advantage by flying first, it’s like arguing soccer teams are at a disadvantage by not getting the first kickoff, it has a minor effect, in a 24h war anyone can wave whenever they want, I’ve seen waves fly the score up by hundreds of flames outside of the first hour or two but rather in the middle AFTER the Americans have all gone to bed. Let’s pretend we go with your idea or a varied start time, let’s say we choose the one where it starts at 2am in America, what time does it end? 2 o’clock the next day, what time does it include? A period of Europeans being asleep, when will the other team therefore wave? WHEN YOU ARE ASLEEP. Changing the start time still gives the other team the same opportunities of waving while you’re asleep however you have the option to do the same things. If you believe that a lead early means they win and have that attitude of course you’re going to lose. You’re just trying to make excuses for your own teams lack of coordination


If all 50 attackers get through with seven flames each in the first wave, how likely is it that the attacked clan still has a chance to make the war go at least undecided? Right - very low.
Hence my idea of ​​introducing a period between the declaration and the beginning of the war - or changing the beginning monthly (or even weekly).

In this case, the attacker always has several advantages:

  1. The time (most of the Central European players sleep at this time - an I think, you too, at 2 a.m.)
  2. The surprise (lack of opportunity to come on so quickly to boost yourself and defend yourself / others)
  3. Within the initial hours, you can concentrate fully on the attack, in which the war is largely decided without much resistance - and the remaining 22 hours can be defended “leisurely” (what good does it do to fly a war as soon as every attacker received all seven flames on the first attempt?!)
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If all 50 members get 7 flames 12h (just an arbitrary number, I’m too lazy to figure out the time difference) into the war give or take 5mins while you are still all asleep

But what does it do if it is already 350-0 at 50 attempts shortly after 2 a.m.? And even if you get up at 6 a.m. and then fly, it is only 0 a.m. in New York - two hours earlier than at the start of the war in Central Europe, which in turn increases the chance that people are still awake and defended accordingly. And as soon as a flight was not ended with seven flames, this war is already lost.

I am concerned with the time difference and the scheduled start of the war at 2 a.m. in Central European time, which in my opinion puts the purely European teams at a disadvantage.

Hence my idea to change the beginning of the wars weekly. So that the other continental teams can get “this pleasure”.

I don’t get it, if they’re going to get 350 flames at this later point in the war you’d still have to do the same, just before them rather than after.

Okay, let’s try it like this:
YOUR team will be declared war at 1:59 a.m. after YOUR time, which begins less than a minute later.
There is hardly any way for YOU and YOUR team to prepare, as hardly anyone is awake or can come into game so quickly to boost themselves.
A huge wave follows, consisting of all 50 opponents, which sweeps over YOU and YOUR team almost without resistance and every opponent gets seven flames on the first attempt.
After YOU and YOUR team wake up, YOU notice “Oh, a war! But it’s 350-0 at 50 attempts … :(”

And that happens to YOU and YOUR team over and over again because the time is not changed, there is no variation.

Wouldn’t it make sense to introduce a change?

The point is, their team sleeps too. Or at least has off hours. Can easily run your own waves at that time.

Not if the first wave was so successful that they got all 350 flames in one attempt at 2 a.m.

Okay so let’s say they declared and it started at a different time. THEY declared, THEY probably picked out targets earlier in the week, THEY all know when the wave is going to be.

It doesn’t matter the time the other team attacks, it all depends on the organization, planning, and teamwork. You are at a disadvantage because you aren’t prepared for a war. You didn’t declare. You didn’t spend the medals (lol).

It definitely is depressing to wake up and see that the war is going to be really hard if not impossible BUT that’s because the other team was better prepared. Don’t tell me your team doesn’t plan at least a day out before a war. That you don’t pick out targets a day before the war starts. Stop blaming the time and start blaming the planning.

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It sounds like you never had to begin wars at 2am. No matter the organization, if the first in attack have enough flames, the only thing that he has to do is wait and defend. He has more than half a war done at the first 5 minutes.

You dont say, we newguinea has allways wake up at 4 am.

I wonder, who got advantage from this achedule

It is a disadvantage that other time zones NEVER have!
Put yourself in the situation of an affected player! The war begins at 2 a.m. while YOU sleep - and in the morning the war is practically lost!

Of course, there are other time zones that are disadvantaged - you shouldn’t neglect them either, I agree.
That’s why my idea to postpone the start of the war every week by x hours or to introduce at least a period of time between the declaration of war and the start of it, so that this advantage / disadvantage does not always affect the same time zones.

It is quite clear that the players of the American continents have a (big) advantage.

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Im affraid pg cant do this, since extra unscheduled hour keep a staff standby and need a new coding.