Timing of release to production environment


Is it possible that user communications are better timed with the release of future content. It seems recently that with new releases it over rides ongoing events. For example, wait until event is over or provide a different time for server/client upgrades to ensure that an event is completed and not cancelled. Sounds like the upgrade team is disconnected from the ops team.

This approach is a lot different than a patch that must be released immediately.

Communication is key.


This is already being discussed in the following thread:



I think it’s fine to make a new topic for this. The linked thread discusses forced updates to prevent war exploits, this thread here discusses the timing of updates overlapping events. Those are two different issues IMO.

Back on topic: I agree.
I missed out on a final prize tier in the Atlas troop building event because Atlas was disabled 5h before the event would have ended. It wasn’t even a game wide update so they could have waited or plan ahead and make the whole even 5h shorter a few days before with an email notice.
It’s really hard to plan for events when you never know when they suddenly cut it off.


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