Tina the ocean whale

So since tina is mia and cant come home for dinner can we get some cool stuff in our ocean​:eyes::eyes: like a great white or saltwater croc… does not affect my game play whatsoever :joy::rofl: but its my suggestion

Is this really what u want them to spend their time on?

Better this than the chest animation


Right let’s introduce more useless things for OG to burn Dev time on :joy:

They’ll burn dev time on useless things anyway…:rofl:

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Exactly…I don’t think we should be adding things to that queue tho :joy:

Surely this would take artist time more than dev time.

Bet you’re real fun at parties… can’t take a joke :joy:

Right😂 i dont disagree


Something relaxing tapping the screen, making the whale jump…is PG replacing the whale or putting a giant squid in?

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