Tiny buttons and fonts on ipad pro 12.9 inch

The update today has shrunk all the gui buttons and fonts by about 50%. Hard for us old folks to see!

If you change the view setting in apple settins from standard to zoom the buttons are bigger. but it affects the whole ipad. it did not require this b4 update


also the gear section gui is screwed see cropped ss below in reply

if i set view setting to zoom from standard the home screen buttons are screwed see top left.

First time hearing that?

here is cropped picture of gear gui when apple view setting is standard

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Only like that on my wife’s ipad pro everything is so small on my ipad its normal its weird

Year of the Millennial update!!

This has been implemented so that all the Baby Boomers sat on their massive pensions are now at ever such a slight disadvantage against the poor, but well sighted, Millennials playing the game.

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@Arelyna its really small font on ipad pro pls help fix its normal on regular ipad but pro is shrunk and when u click on picture to see thays the size its coming up

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@Crisis ipad pro gots issues even the forge is screwed up

We’re already looking into it!


i actually am starting to like the high resolution u can see a lot more. but the craft gear button placement does need to be fixed. it would be nice if the option to view native resolution or zoomed was in settings

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Here’s what I discovered so far, on iPad Pro 1st gen:

  • Items acquired during attack display on wrong position.
  • Building manage layout (like store, upgrade, boost button) does not aligned correctly (Perch, Sheep farm, Lumber mill, monuments)
  • In Rider gear forge screen, filtering box and resource indicators overlap each other. (Mentioned above)
  • Many HTML based pages (event, atlas event, atlas ledger, castle screens…) have black unused space(like “letterbox”) on right side.

Here’s some additional suggestions:

  • Enlarge popup style screens (like ‘Salvage Multiple’, breeding castle, team war, team manage, atlas primarch tech tree, breeding castle…). There’s so much space unused.
  • Make extra column on roaster screen. (Please add filtering with divine, lineage!)
  • Display more food/lumber pack, and timers on screen.

cutt off also not using full screen

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