Tips for Assault Gold-6?

Does anyone have any tips on defeating the last gold base in assault? I’m including screenshots of the dragons I have to use. I appreciate any advice.

Noelle + rider?

Whalegnawer with deathgaze to demage the base then follow with karna also with deathgaze to lockdown and kill dangerous tower then clean up the rest with ettin or consurgeon depends on your reference
Note remember to belly flop on the final island as a grand ending if you use ettin :smirk:

A green shouldn’t be able to defeat gold 6. That’s not right??

Those bases are way easier than last time so Noelle + good rider should be enough

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This right here :arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up:

Noelle can take all of the gold bases without a rider except maybe 6. Then she may need some gear and she’ll rip it apart

Noelle harnesses the power of the holiday spirit to beat down any naughty bases that get in her way with a sock full of coal. Give her the chance and she’ll go after platinum too


I used Gladicus and Fohmar :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps you out, besides me missing blink on island #2 was a good run.

I have basic stuff everyone should have. No Rider, No Insane Runes Just Simple Things.


i did it with noelle and no rider

Thank you all, I finally defeated it!

Thanks so much for this, I don’t have Atlas and a lot of riders/gear, so this was a big help!

No problem glad I could help.

Noelle can

Why didn’t you just use Fomhar? :joy:

Making a reason to use Glad i cus

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Lol, gladicus is actually quite effective in assault believe it or not :sweat_smile:

I used him to set up fohmar as I never really used him much and my skills are lacking with him :eyes:

That said I was able to do 1-4 with Glad, maybe 5? I can’t remember but yea I did also make it an intention to see how he did. He’s actually one spell color away from being a good dragon

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What spell did you use on Noelle?

invincibility for second short island

this is not helpful… but I used Kullecid and had no issues :joy: hopefully you can get through it!!!